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Victoria Square Re-Opening: Speech Given By Dr. Anna Crighton.

Victoria Square's Bowker Fountain at night. (Image sourced Otakaro)

Dr Anna Crighton has generously provided us with the text of the speech she gave at the Victoria Square Re-Opening.

The history of Victoria Square was the subject of Dr Crighton's speech.
"So Victoria Square has had a colourful history, pre and post European settlement. It was a favourite food gathering place for Maori, it was the centre of the city in early settlement times and it was the birthplace of radical Christchurch. Victoria Square is historically relevant for Christchurch - past present and into the future as a contemplative heart of the city – it is Christchurch at its best."
The text of Dr. Crighton's speech is as follows:
Friday 9 April 2018


“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Dr Anna Crighton Op-Ed Published In The Press

The text of the “Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” opinion piece published by the Press can be found at the following link:

“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Text Of Dr. Anna Crighton Opinion Piece Published In The Press And Online


“Final Move For Shands” Media Release From Dr Anna Crighton Chair Christchurch Heritage Trust

"Shands Emporium is on the move again at 7am on Tuesday 6 December. But this time to its permanent home beside the former Trinity Congregational Church, 1875, in Manchester Street. It has been strengthened and will be lifted by crane and turned round so that it faces Manchester Street.

"Anna Crighton, Chair of Christchurch Heritage Limited, said ‘This is a significant step forward toward the completion of Shands, ready for the public to enjoy this unique little building once again’.

"The whole complex of Shands, Trinity Church (including the replication of the tower) plus the Annex is planned to be completed by September 2017.

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

” ‘Can we save everything? Probably not.’ ” RNZ National News (Online Article And Podcast)

" Can we save everything? Probably not.' " RNZ National News
"As Christchurch celebrates Heritage Week, local heritage advocates warn people shouldn't assume the city's remaining heritage buildings are safe from demolition. ..."

"Heritage advocates warn Christchurch buildings still at risk" Morning Report RNZ National Podcast

“Heritage Christchurch’s Century Old Building Brings the Crowds in” Heritage Christchurch Media Release (20th October 2015)

HCHCWORSTERSTEXT14“The Old Government Building is one of the most magnificent and monumental structures in New Zealand,” said Dr Anna Crighton from Historic Places Canterbury at the Heritage Christchurch open day.

“This is our third open day since our hotel building reopened and we are delighted at the ongoing public interest. Our hotel guests frequently tell us how much they appreciate staying in a building of such unique endurance and elegance,” said Ms Ana Vivas, resident manager of Heritage Christchurch.

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

The Shands Emporium Purchase – Media Coverage

Checkpoint RNZ National:
"Oldest timber building in Christchurch CBD bought for a dollar"

The Press:
"Historic Shand's Emporium bought for $1"


CTV News First At Five:
News item on Shands- 2"14sec in.

Tv3 News:
"Heritage building saved by a dollar"


“SHANDS EMPORIUM FINDS A NEW HOME IN THE CBD” Christchurch Heritage Trust Media Release (16th June 2015)

"Dr. Anna Crighton, Chair of Christchurch Heritage Limited, currently restoring the former Trinity Church on the corner of Worcester and Manchester Streets, is proud to announce that it has saved yet another listed heritage building for the central city. Shands Emporium, formerly of 88 Hereford Street, has recently been purchased and will sit perfectly facing Manchester Street beside the Trinity Church."

The Media Release is as follows:

“More targeted approach to earthquake-prone buildings” Consultation : Media Coverage

RNZ News:
"Heritage advocates fear Government plans for dealing with buildings after natural disasters will result in historical landmarks being lost forever."

Late Edition Podcast: the news item starts approx. 17".40 (Dr Anna Crighton and Dr Ian Lochhead interviewed)