“La Sagrada Família (Episode 281- 99% INVISIBLE). Kiwi Architect Mark Burry’s Involvement Covered.

"La Sagrada Família (Episode 281- 99% INVISIBLE)"

"... In 1977, a 20 year-old architect named Mark Burry went to Barcelona to study Gaudí. By accident, he met the two elderly architects who were directing the construction project. ...

" ... They pointed Burry to the broken models and asked him to join the team. ..."


“More owners of heritage buildings discover quake upgrade fund” Stuff Online Article.

"More owners of heritage buildings discover quake upgrade fund " Chris Hutchings Stuff Online Article:

"Increasing numbers of heritage building owners are tapping into money from the Government's Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme, known as EQUIP.

As well as providing grants for work, owners are now also eligible for professional advice grants, to provide up to half the costs of seismic assessments, conservation reports, and architectural and structural engineering plans. ..."