Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to Historic Places Aotearoa.

What Is Historic Places Aotearoa?

Historic Places Aotearoa is an independent grass roots organisation, run by its members who are actively advocating for local heritage protection and preservation.

Historic Places Aotearoa is made up of independent but affiliated Membership Organisations which are using their local knowledge and resources to campaign and advocate for Heritage. By working together with Heritage Places Aotearoa - they share ideas and speak nationally on Heritage.

HIstoric Places Aotearoa work with its Membership Organisations, Heritage New Zealand, local government and other groups to ensure the retention of our heritage, Taonga, are retained for future generations.


Why Was Historic Places Aotearoa Formed?

The then Minister of Arts Culture and Heritage, Chris Finlayson,  decided abolish the New  Zealand Historic Places Trust  Regional Branch Committees. Historic Places Aotearoa and its Membership Organisations were formed, after much planning and discussion, to ensure that individuals and communities would continue to have a loud and powerful voice for heritage advocacy!


How Does Historic Places Aotearoa Work as an organisation?

Historic Places Aotearoa is made of independent Membership Organisations. These Membership Organisations are independent  and free to campaign locally, fundraise and have their own bank accounts!

Historic Places Aotearoa administers the website, and provides leadership and policy advice.


The Historic Places Membership Organisations have their own pages on this web site. 

H.P.A. has  set up the site so they can post their own news, images, notices etc,  when and where they want…

Once a year, Historic Places Aotearoa holds an AGM and  the Membership Organisation's  representatives meet to elect  the officers and executive, set policy and membership fees.


What is the relationship with Heritage New Zealand ?

We are independent!

The Heritage Ne Zealand is a crown entity with a Board answerable to the Minister.

Historic Places Aotearoa and its Membership Organisations are independent and rely on the power and the organising of members to hold to account the Government, Heritage New Zealand, The Department Of Conservation (D.O.C.),  etc. through advocacy in all its forms, submissions, lobbying, letters to the editor, on-line postings,  public meetings, public rallies etc.

Historic Places Aotearoa and its Membership Organisations will work with Heritage New Zealand ,  D.O.C., Territorial Authorities ( City Councils, County Councils, etc) to advocate for heritage.



The Historic Places Aotearoa has a  Strategy!   The Formal Stuff!!!

Goal 1

To promote the preservation of historic places in Aotearoa New Zealand.


1.1 To support and promote Membership Organisations to address and prioritise heritage issues at a local level.

1.2 Liaise and interact with Heritage New Zealand, local authorities, the education sector, owners of heritage properties and other like minded heritage organisations.

1.3 Raise the public conscience about historic places and the need to retain and value them.


Goal 2

To promote the education of the public in the appreciation of heritage values.


1. Encourage and support Membership Organisations to hold local public forums, lectures, study trips etc. and to engage people in their cultural history.

2. To initiate public lectures nationally.

3. Provision of information (pamphlets).

4. Develop national programmes for local implementation

5. To promote places for people to recognise and value the history and stories of our places.



Goal 3

To further the objects of HPA through Membership Organisations and their Members and to prescribe standard rules.


3.1       To develop membership standards in consultation with regional societies.

3.2       To require Membership Organisations to undertake a self assessment and confirm that
the prescribed standards have been met.

3.3 To encourage regional society input to such standards through the Annual General Meeting process.


Goal 4

To ensure HPA is a sustainable national organisation.


4.1 To be a respected voice of heritage

4.2 To attract and retain an active and viable membership base through its Membership Organisations.

4.3 To develop relationships with potential external funders, sponsors and partners.


Contact Us:

Email: info@historicplacesaotearoa.org.nz

James Blackburne
P O Box 693,
Christchurch 8140