“Sad passing of heritage stalwart” Pam Wilson (2 March 1937 – 11 February 2018) [“Heritage This Month March 2018”]

"Sad passing of heritage stalwart" Pam Wilson (2 March 1937 - 11 February 2018)

Pam Wilson began work for the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT, now Heritage New Zealand) after being on the branch committee for some years in the early 1980s.  She worked on the Women’s/Promotions Committee, focusing on advocacy for heritage conservation, raising money to help with projects and elevating the profile of the organisation generally, including gaining more members.  In January 1989 Pam began work as the NZHPT Regional Officer for Canterbury, based first in a tiny office in what was then the Peterborough Centre, administered by the Arts Centre.  The office moved for a short time into the Cranmer Centre and then to the former Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings.  Gradually other staff joined Pam and, with her leadership, the team made huge strides in the recognition and protection of a wealth of historic places throughout Canterbury and the West Coast.

Pam was instrumental in saving many historic places in Canterbury and the West Coast, including the Nurses' Memorial Chapel and the Edmunds Factory Gardens.  She sat on many trusts, including the Riccarton House and Bush Trust and the Ngaio Marsh House and Heritage Trust, and was on 'cup of tea and biscuit' status with all of the Category 1 owners of Canterbury's large homesteads.  She was also a very astute negotiator and would front to developers and tell them how important historic places were.

By the time of her retirement in 2007, Pam’s office had been in the NZHPT offices in Gough House on Hereford Street.  Practically every file we open in the Christchurch office has her handwriting or other mark of her involvement, and even after she officially retired, she helped with work on research and registrations, such as the Kate Sheppard House in Ilam.  Like the rest of us, she was devastated about the loss of so much heritage in the Canterbury quakes of 2010 and 2011, but rejoiced in what has been able to be saved.

Pam was an absolute legend and her deep knowledge, kind and gentle manner, curiosity and dedication is widely recognised, both within Heritage New Zealand and in the wider community.  In 2007 she received two distinguished awards – the Christchurch City Council’s Civic Award and the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to heritage conservation.

Robyn Burgess, Heritage New Zealand

Historic Places Canterbury was saddened to learn of Pam Wilson's passing.

Robyn Burgess and Heritage New Zealand has generously given us permission to post the Tribute to Pam Wilson that appeared in  Heritage This Month March 2018.

“Square Campaign Thanks”- Letter Published In The Press Perspectives (090318)

The following is the text of a letter published in The Press. The letter was sent by HPC Chair Mark Gerrard in his role as Convenor of  “Victoria Square - No Need For Change"  campaign committee.

" The re-opening of a restored Victoria Square will be celebrated by the many Christchurch Residents who supported the successful “Victoria Square- No Need For Change” campaign.

I am writing this letter to publicly “Thank” the many concerned residents who wrote letters to the Press, rang ZB Talkback, emailed their MPs, turned up for the Yellow Ribbon Picnic and attended the Knox Church Forum. I wish to acknowledge the “No Need For Change” committee, the volunteers, the residents who encouraged us, the Knox Forum panellists and Chris Lynch, and Historic Places Canterbury and The Christchurch Civic Trust who funded the campaign.

Whilst we celebrate the re-opening, we must all acknowledge the skill and thoughtfulness of the original Designers who, 30 odd years ago, created this very special space we know and love as Victoria Square.

Victoria Square is “Christchurch at its best” and it sets the standard for which the quality and success of the CBD rebuild will be judged.

The re-opening will be a momentus event. However, for most of us Victoria Square is about the quiet enjoyment of reclining under a tree, sitting on a park bench and stopping at night to enjoy the Bowker Fountain water display and the light show.

Mark Gerrard

Convenor “Victoria Square - No Need For Change”

“Canterbury Provincial Chambers to remain mothballed for 11 years” The Press Online (190218)

Canterbury Provincial Chambers to remain mothballed for 11 years The Press Online.

" ... Historic Places Trust Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard believed the council should ask the Government to help fund the cost of restoring the chambers because of its national and international significance. ...


“Heritage advocate accuses council of being ‘overly secretive’ as they discuss Christchurch historic buildings in secret” The Press Online Article (010218)

Heritage advocate accuses council of being 'overly secretive' as they discuss Christchurch historic buildings in secret The Press online:

"A heritage advocate is accusing Christchurch City Council of being "overly secretive" regarding the future of the city's heritage buildings.

Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard has been unable to find out any information on the council's plans for the future of heritage buildings, ..."

Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018: Entries Open On 7th February & Entries Close On 6th April

The Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 Categories:

Seismic Award:
Recognition of commitment, investment or a unique solution to earthquake strengthening which has saved or will now protect a heritage building.

Heritage Tourism Award:
Cultural tourist attraction award. This includes cultural precincts, events and heritage destinations and attractions.

Future Heritage Award:
This award will recognise a new building showing sensitivity to the streetscape and landscape and one which will secure a cultural legacy for the future.

Domestic- Saved and Restored Award:
Retention and Restoration of domestic architecture more than 50 years old. Rehabilitation, adaptive reuse or continued maintenance are all eligible.

Public Realm- Saved and Restored Award:
Retention and Restoration of a public or commercial building or structure more than 50 years old. Public realm is defined as any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and any public and civic building and facilities. The quality of our public realm is vital if we are to be successful in creating environments that people want to live and work in.

Outstanding Contribution to Heritage Award:
The telling of the Canterbury/Christchurch story by an organisation, group or individual. Includes publications, education programmes, exhibitions, websites or activities that promote heritage retention, conservation and education. Heritage advocacy.

Canterbury Heritage Award Online Entry


Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018: The Key Dates Have Been Released




The Canterbury Heritage Trust Awards key dates have been released

Entries Open: 7th February

Entries Close: 6th April

Final Judging 14th April

Finalists Announced 19th April


Tickets On Sale: 19th April

Heritage Awards Lecture: 14th June

Heritage Awards Ceremony: 15th June 2018

The Canterbury Heritage Awards details online.

The Christchurch City Council Lights Up The (Recently Restored) Edmond’s Clock Tower- Something To Be Proud Of

The Christchurch City Council is to be commended for the restoration of the Edmonds Clock Tower.

Well worth driving down Madras at night  to  welcome back  a heritage icon!

The Edmonds Clock Tower in two halves. (Before restoration and repair.)

The restored Edmonds Clock Tower ablaze with light at Night.











Edmonds Clock Tower: from two halves to full restoration!

The Press Reports On HPC Deputation To CCC Committee (01-02-2018)

The Press reported on Historic Places Canterbury Deputation (HPC) to the CCC Social, Community Development and Housing Committee. (The Deputation was made HPC Chair Mark Gerrard

"Heritage advocate accuses council of being 'overly secretive' as they discuss Christchurch historic buildings in secret"


Historic Places Canterbury Submission on the Christchurch City Council Proposed Grant of $10million for the Christ Church Cathedral (Hearing Held 14th December 2017)

Historic Places Canterbury Submission on the Christchurch City Council Proposed Grant of $10million for the Christ Church Cathedral

Mayor and Councillors,

Thank You for the opportunity to make a Submission on the Proposed Grant of $10 million for the Christ Church Cathedral.


  1. Historic Places Canterbury (HPC) fully supports and endorses the Christchurch City Council (CCC) Proposed Grant of $10 million Grant for the Christ Church Cathedral.