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Box 112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2020 Entries Open.

Entries are now open for the Box 112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2020. The Awards, held every two years, recognise excellence in heritage retention and conservation, heritage tourism and heritage education within the public and private sector and promote the values of best practice heritage retention and conservation to the wider community. 2020 is all the more special, as the Awards celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Projects, individuals and organisations from throughout Canterbury are encouraged to enter the awards. The 2020 Categories are:

ChristchurchNZ Supreme Award
(picked from category winners)

Warren & Mahoney Future Heritage Award

The Stephen Collins Memorial Seismic Award

Heritage New Zealand Outstanding Contribution to Heritage

Moveable Feasts Heritage Tourism Award

Public Realm Saved and Restored

Domestic Saved and Restored

Entering is easy – go to our website www.heritageawards.co.nz and fill out the online form. More information about the entry process and category criteria is available on our website or feel free to get in touch:

Email: info@heritageawards.co.nz

Key Dates:

• Entries Open – Wednesday 3 February

• Entries close – Friday 3 April

• Final judging – Saturday 11 April

• Finalists Announced – Monday 20 April

• Tickets on sale – Tuesday 21st April

• Heritage Lecture – Thursday 11 June

• Awards Ceremony – Friday 12 June

Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018: Entries Open On 7th February & Entries Close On 6th April

The Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 Categories:

Seismic Award:
Recognition of commitment, investment or a unique solution to earthquake strengthening which has saved or will now protect a heritage building.

Heritage Tourism Award:
Cultural tourist attraction award. This includes cultural precincts, events and heritage destinations and attractions.

Future Heritage Award:
This award will recognise a new building showing sensitivity to the streetscape and landscape and one which will secure a cultural legacy for the future.

Domestic- Saved and Restored Award:
Retention and Restoration of domestic architecture more than 50 years old. Rehabilitation, adaptive reuse or continued maintenance are all eligible.

Public Realm- Saved and Restored Award:
Retention and Restoration of a public or commercial building or structure more than 50 years old. Public realm is defined as any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and any public and civic building and facilities. The quality of our public realm is vital if we are to be successful in creating environments that people want to live and work in.

Outstanding Contribution to Heritage Award:
The telling of the Canterbury/Christchurch story by an organisation, group or individual. Includes publications, education programmes, exhibitions, websites or activities that promote heritage retention, conservation and education. Heritage advocacy.

Canterbury Heritage Award Online Entry


Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018: The Key Dates Have Been Released




The Canterbury Heritage Trust Awards key dates have been released

Entries Open: 7th February

Entries Close: 6th April

Final Judging 14th April

Finalists Announced 19th April


Tickets On Sale: 19th April

Heritage Awards Lecture: 14th June

Heritage Awards Ceremony: 15th June 2018

The Canterbury Heritage Awards details online.

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 : Supreme Winner

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 :

Supreme Winner -  Proudly sponsored by the Christchurch Heritage Trust

The Clock Tower, The Arts Centre of Christchurch
Entrant: The Arts Centre of Christchurch Trust
One of the central city’s most significant landmarks, the Clock Tower Block at the Arts Centre of Christchurch was designed by colonial architect Benjamin Mountfort for Canterbury College, later the University of Canterbury, in 1877. Damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes the Clock Tower block has been restored and fully strengthened by the Arts Centre’s team with careful attention to the minutiae of detail to ensure that its built form and patina of age have remained intact. As the entry stated the restoration has matched the Clock Tower’s “…status in civic life and communal memory.”

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 : Domestic – Saved and Restored Award

Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 :

Domestic - Saved and Restored Award -     Proudly sponsored by: Simons Construction

Joint Winners:

RJ & BM Stewart House
Entrant: Warren & Mahoney Architects Ltd
This substantial residence designed by Helmore and Cotterill in 1934 was saved, strengthened, restored and extended, with patience and care, by the owners and architects Warren and Mahoney. Written off by insurers, the determination and skill required to not only save but improve the house and gardens is evident in the painstaking attention to detail and thoughtful integration of original fabric with new. Throughout the

three-year process taken to complete the work, the commitment to preserve and give renewed life to this significant heritage home is clearly visible.

Tunneller’s Cottage
Entrant: Brendan & Natalie Canton
The Tunneller’s Cottage owners have for a number of years been dedicated to the retention, maintenance and preservation of the cottage. A thorough research project provided a good understanding of the history of the cottage and resulted in authentic restoration
. Originally built as a tunnel day hut during the construction of the Otira tunnel the cottage continues to tell an important part of a story in Canterbury history. The owners of Tunneller’s Cottage have carefully restored it to a family living space similar to its original purpose, one that retains its heritage character and reflects its history.

Highly Commended: (more…)

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 : Heritage Tourism Award

Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 :

Heritage Tourism Award - Proudly sponsored by Continental Catering


Heritage Hotel, Old Government Building (OGB)
Entrant: Heritage Christchurch
This substantial Heritage NZ category 1 Hotel opened in 1913 and designed by J C Maddison was one of the few central city buildings to survive the Canterbury earthquakes largely intact. Its survival is a testament to the quality of the original design and construction and today its strengthening and restoration are a symbol of resurgence after the disasters. Its completion has been widely recognised in the media and in the tourism industry for not only the retention of the building but for the very high quality of the result. The awards jury can attest to this, using one of their luxury rooms for deliberations.

Highly Commended: (more…)

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018: Outstanding Contribution to Heritage Award

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018:

Outstanding Contribution to Heritage Award - Proudly sponsored by Heritage New Zealand

Entrant: Historic Places Mid-Canterbury
Historic Places Mid-Canterbury generates community awareness, appreciation and retention of historic buildings and sites that have social and heritage value for the Mid Canterbury community. They have successfully manned regular displays, heritage bus trips, Living Heritage articles in local newspapers, a yearly summer Garden Party in historic surrounds and regular newsletters. They have now recently introduced the Blue Plaque Project. This is gaining approval and interest from other heritage groups and building owners throughout Canterbury.

Highly Commended:

Lyttleton Redux
Entrant: Julia Holden, Artist
The Lyttelton Redux Project was conceived, curated and produced by artist Julia Holden. The project comprised 23 reimagined portraits of historical figures and the portraits were set in a series of locations associated with the subjects and accompanied by archival and contemporary audio information. The project enabled the Lyttelton Museum to maintain a visibility in the local community post-quake without its physical home.


‘New Direction for the future of heritage’
Entrant: Christchurch City Council Heritage Team
In their ‘New Direction for the future of heritage’, the Christchurch City Council Heritage Team have extensively engaged with the community to explore the broadening of heritage to include intangible as well as tangible heritage. This reflects that heritage underpins our local and community identity and sense of place, and whilst establishing a story based approach to heritage.

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 : Future Heritage Award

The Box112 Canterbury Heritage Awards 2018 :

Future Heritage Award - Proudly sponsored by: Wilkie + Bruce


St Andrew’s College Centennial Chapel
Entrant: Architectus
Badly damaged by the earthquakes, the original St Andrew’s Memorial Chapel has been replaced by an accomplished building that retains not just the memory of the original but also a great many artefacts skilfully integrated into its fabric. The new Memorial Chapel is a place of contemplation and worship, and of gathering, its feet steeped in history on the public side and its gaze facing the future, over the stream and playing fields to the college and its ever changing student role. Three strong elements – the brick Memorial wall, the folded glass wall, and the complex gable roof soaring above – come together to define a marvellous interior space that will serve and inspire many generations to come.

Highly Commended: (more…)