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“Christ Church Cathedral work could start within weeks” The Press (Online Article 15.02.2020)

Christ Church Cathedral work could start within weeks The Press Online

"... The consent application has been lodged by a joint-venture company formed by the Anglican diocese and the Crown to run the project, and they hope to start work in April. .."


“Plan to move war memorial sparks dissent among Christchurch RSA groups” The Press Online Article

Plan to move war memorial sparks dissent among Christchurch RSA groups- the Press.

"....A proposal to move the Christchurch war memorial has been opposed by one of the largest Returned Services Association (RSA) groups in the city.

The Papanui RSA voted to oppose a plan to shift the Citizens War Memorial from Cathedral Square to Cranmer Square because the move would lower its "aesthetic, cultural and spiritual value". ...

"... Christchurch Civic Trust deputy chair Ross Gray, who is leading a campaign against the move, said the Papanui RSA vote was significant.

"The Papanui RSA is considerably larger than the Christchurch RSA," he said.

"We oppose this notion that you can move an important heritage item from Cathedral Square and stick it in another iconic and important space like Cranmer Square." ..

Ross Gray is also Deputy Chair of Historic Places Canterbury.

“Fight looming for Catholic church over decision to demolish Christchurch’s Catholic cathedral” The Press Online

"Fight looming for Catholic church over decision to demolish Christchurch's Catholic cathedral" The Press Online

"Heritage advocates are vowing to fight a decision to demolish Christchurch's historic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. ..."

" ... The decision has upset heritage advocate Anna Crighton, who said there was outrage in the community and she was ready to fight for the building's survival. ..."

" ...Her stance was supported by Historic Places Canterbury. 

Chairman Mark Gerrard said the organisation would be exploring all means to fight the proposed demolition. 

"Historic Places Canterbury is surprised the bishop appears to have lost faith in the cost of restoration of this unique beautiful heritage building."

The cathedral had been a beacon of faith and inspiration for many generations, he said.

"Today we are left with the impression that cost and location are more important considerations." ...


"Cash donated to Christchurch Catholics not ring-fenced for heritage church restoration" The Press online article.


“Christchurch’s Antonio Hall ravaged by fire as heritage fans fear ‘demolition by neglect'” The Press Online

"Christchurch's Antonio Hall ravaged by fire as heritage fans fear 'demolition by neglect' " The Press Online

" ... Ross Gray, deputy chairman of Christchurch Civic Trust and Historic Places Canterbury, said the mansion's potential destruction was "very sad to see". ...

" The building had a lot of potential as a significant asset for the city. All credit to the local neighbours for the work they have done to try and preserve it." ...


“Historic Christchurch homestead Mona Vale reopening for ‘coffee and cake’ ” The Press Online Article

Historic Christchurch homestead Mona Vale reopening for 'coffee and cake' The Press Online
Historic Places Canterbury Chair Mark Gerrard quoted in article.

“Famous artist Bill Sutton’s Christchurch red zone house saved from demolition, will be restored and gifted to city” The Press (Online Article)

Famous artist Bill Sutton's Christchurch red zone house saved from demolition, will be restored and gifted to city The Press

"Renowned New Zealand artist Bill Sutton's former home and studio in Christchurch's residential red zone has been saved from demolition.

Instead, it will be restored and gifted to the city. ..."


Historic Places Canterbury In the Press: “Bringing life back into quake-damaged heritage buildings a tough task”- The Press Online

Bringing life back into quake-damaged heritage buildings a tough task- the Press Online.


"...Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard believes the council is doing a good job with its damaged heritage, and is being "very thorough" with its tendering process.

He says the council benefits by having some "really good staff" who listen to the community and take pride in the buildings.

Some are of the sites are harder than others to find a use for, and some are better suited to community rather than commercial use, Gerrard says.

"They are very very special buildings. We are very happy that they are safe and they are going to be restored - the council is weighing up what is best for them and finding an appropriate use.

"Their value is not just the architecture, each one has its own individual stories, they are a reminder of people who have come before us," says Gerrard.

He believes Harry Ell, the naturalist whose vision established the Sign of the Takahe and Sign of the Kiwi as Port Hills rest stops, would approve of today's walkers and cyclists enjoying hospitality in the buildings.

"People need to be able to see them. They are our buildings, they are our gems, our treasures."

“Square Campaign Thanks”- Letter Published In The Press Perspectives (090318)

The following is the text of a letter published in The Press. The letter was sent by HPC Chair Mark Gerrard in his role as Convenor of  “Victoria Square - No Need For Change"  campaign committee.

" The re-opening of a restored Victoria Square will be celebrated by the many Christchurch Residents who supported the successful “Victoria Square- No Need For Change” campaign.

I am writing this letter to publicly “Thank” the many concerned residents who wrote letters to the Press, rang ZB Talkback, emailed their MPs, turned up for the Yellow Ribbon Picnic and attended the Knox Church Forum. I wish to acknowledge the “No Need For Change” committee, the volunteers, the residents who encouraged us, the Knox Forum panellists and Chris Lynch, and Historic Places Canterbury and The Christchurch Civic Trust who funded the campaign.

Whilst we celebrate the re-opening, we must all acknowledge the skill and thoughtfulness of the original Designers who, 30 odd years ago, created this very special space we know and love as Victoria Square.

Victoria Square is “Christchurch at its best” and it sets the standard for which the quality and success of the CBD rebuild will be judged.

The re-opening will be a momentus event. However, for most of us Victoria Square is about the quiet enjoyment of reclining under a tree, sitting on a park bench and stopping at night to enjoy the Bowker Fountain water display and the light show.

Mark Gerrard

Convenor “Victoria Square - No Need For Change”

Historic Places Canterbury In the Press :” Public access to two of Christchurch’s treasured heritage buildings restricted” The Press Online

Public access to two of Christchurch's treasured heritage buildings restricted The Press Online

"... Christchurch Civic Trust chairman Chris Kissling said it was a "great shame" commercial interests were restricting public access.

"When the public has been asked for donations or put money into these buildings, to close it off for all but paid activity seems wrong."

Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard said Mona Vale was one of the city's great homesteads and it should be available to the public as much as possible.

The pair were also concerned the Sign of the Takahe had remained closed since its repair was completed in May 2017.

Kissling said buildings needed to be occupied because if they stood idle for too long they would deteriorate.

"These buildings hold so many memories for so many people. I would hate to see it kept standing idle much longer. It needs to be used."