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“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Dr Anna Crighton Op-Ed Published In The Press

The text of the “Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” opinion piece published by the Press can be found at the following link:

“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Text Of Dr. Anna Crighton Opinion Piece Published In The Press And Online


“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Text Of Dr. Anna Crighton Opinion Piece Published In The Press And Online

Dr Anna Crighton Chair of the Christchurch Heritage Trust and Founding President of Historic Places Aotearoa has generously provided the text for the Op-Ed that appeared in the Press print and online. (18th October 2017)

Link to Press online article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/business/the-rebuild/97959739/saving-heritage-buildings-can-be-a-win-for-owners-and-the-public-alike

The text is as follows:

"Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike"

The imperative for the rescue of a historic building is reliant on one significant aspect – a willing owner.   Despite the destruction of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes followed by CERA’s ‘scorched earth’ policy, there were determined and diligent building owners who successfully proceeded with their restoration plans despite the government’s blue print parameters. It is fortunate that some of the most noteworthy heritage buildings in the central city had visionary leaders who saw the benefits in repairing their buildings during the recovery period.  The Arts Centre of Christchurch, Christ’s College, the Heritage Hotel (Old Government Buildings), the Canterbury Club, Knox Church and the Isaac Theatre Royal to name a few. The Press stated in its Editorial of 21 February 2015 ‘The privately-funded labour of love that has returned the Isaac Theatre Royal to us in this past year has done more for central city vibrancy, so far, than has come out of the blueprint’. (more…)

The Christ Church Cathedral Decision to Restore / Repair: Media Coverage

Crown signs with church to progress Christ Church Cathedral restoration The Press

Cathedral decision will kick-start millions of dollars in donations - campaigner The Press

Quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral to be restored The NZ Herald


“Catholic leaders confident they can raise $70m for Christchurch cathedral” The Press (Online Article)

Catholic leaders confident they can raise $70m for Christchurch cathedral -The Press

" ... Diocese leaders said in October that engineering work had proved the whole cathedral could be restored for about $100m.

"We are going to propose to the new bishop that we restore the cathedral, possibly with some new lightweight materials in some places," Loughnan said."


“Christchurch Public Trust Office heritage building to be restored” The Press (Online Article)

Christchurch Public Trust Office heritage building to be restored -The Press

"A Christchurch heritage building has been given a new lease on life.

The Public Trust Office's new owner, Box 112, has agreed to restore the building and has been awarded a $1.9 million heritage grant by the Christchurch City Council.

The Oxford Tce building faced demolition after its previous owner, Tailorspace, had it removed from the council's heritage list. ..."

Editorial: Public Trust restoration a win for Christchurch- The Press

Christ Church Cathedral- Media Update (February 2017)

'Profound frustration' over Christ Church Cathedral delays Radio New Zealand reports.
(Article has audio link of Morning Report interview with Great Christchurch Buildings Trust co-chair Philip Burdon.)
"The community was "led to believe" an agreement would be reached by the end of last year, or at least before the sixth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.

"We had understood the parties had been in agreement at the end of last year... and were very close to agreement now.
"It is terribly important that the parties do now achieve a settlement, whatever that may mean."


Editorial: Frustration on all sides in the cathedral debate- The Press
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/89601694/Editorial-Frustration-on-all-sides-in-the-cathedral-debate (22.02.2017)

Anglican bishop worried over fundraising targets for Christ Church Cathedral restoration-
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/89634591/Anglican-bishop-worried-over-fundraising-targets-for-Christ-Church-Cathedral-restoration (22.02.2017)

Government, church at odds over offer to restore Christ Church Cathedral -The Press Reports
http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/89571654/government-church-at-odds-over-offer-to-restore-christ-church-cathedral  (19.02.2017)



Sign Of The Kiwi Re-opens- Media Coverage And CCC Statement Of Significance

The Press: Christchurch's Sign of the Kiwi reopens in time for 100th anniversary

Checkpoint RNZ: Sign of the Kiwi re-opens in Christchurch - locals delight

CCC Statement of Significance: (Taken from documentation of the The Proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan)

SIGN OF THE KIWI - 1700, 2057, 2057R SUMMIT ROAD,

The Sign of the Kiwi was constructed in 1916-1917 as one of a number of rest houses planned for the Summit Road scheme of Henry Ell. The great pre-occupation of Harry Ell, a politician and tenacious social and environmental campaigner, was the promotion of a summit road from Godley Head to Akaroa, providing public access to all parts of the Port Hills. (more…)

“Treasured heritage buildings to reopen in 2017” The Press Online Article

Treasured heritage buildings to reopen in 2017: The Press

"Christchurch City Council has been working its way through an extensive heritage rebuild and repair programme. Some buildings have already opened, including the Mona Vale homestead, and work is continuing on others.

"Hidden challenges" during the repair have delayed some projects, but 2017 will see the Signs of the Kiwi and Takahe reopen, along with the Mona Vale gatehouse, the Thomas Edmonds band rotunda and the Old Stone House in Cracroft."

Historic Places Chair Mark Gerrard quoted in the article.

“Inside Englefield: Owner dreams of restoring ruined Christchurch lodge” The Press Online Article (12.10.2016)

Inside Englefield: Owner dreams of restoring ruined Christchurch lodge: The Press

"Shaune Wylie is clinging to his vision for Englefield Lodge.
Today the historic home sits untouched on the corner of Fitzgerald Ave and Avonside Drive in Christchurch.

It has a gaping hole on its roof, decimated chimneys, overgrown gardens and a shipping container plonked in the front yard. ..."