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Ngaio Marsh House Reopened : Media Coverage

"Back where it belongs" RNZ News:

CTV News Story - Dame Ngiao Marsh's House Reopened:

Ngiao Marsh House and Hertiage Trust Web Site:

Media Coverage Of “The Victoria Square Draft Restoration Plan”

Editorial: New plan to restore Victoria Square should satisfy- The Press

CTV First At Five Mark Gerrard Spokesperson for "Victoria Square No Need For Change" interviewed on the release of the Draft Restoration Plan (Link to Youtube. Interview starts 7.04" into video)

Govt backtracks on $7m Victoria Square revamp -The Press
"Victoria Square will remain largely unchanged after a Government backtrack on its unpopular $7 million redevelopment plans."
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/70261897/govt-backtracks-on-7m-victoria-square-revamp (more…)

“More targeted approach to earthquake-prone buildings” Consultation : Media Coverage

RNZ News:
"Heritage advocates fear Government plans for dealing with buildings after natural disasters will result in historical landmarks being lost forever."

Late Edition Podcast: the news item starts approx. 17".40 (Dr Anna Crighton and Dr Ian Lochhead interviewed)

$67 Million To Restore Christ Church Cathedral- Costings Released By The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust

SAVING HERITAGEThe Great Christchurch Buildings Trust makes the following offers to the Anglican Church. (Media Release)
GCBT Cathedral Costings Summary: (PDF)costsummary30April
GCBT Cathedral Spreadsheet Costing Breakdown:(PDF)QS30Aprilxlsx

Media Coverage: (more…)