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RMA Reform (2021)- Some Useful Background Reading

UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in July 2021.
This revised national framework promotes 'beauty at the heart of the planning system’, in an effort to create ‘beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and life-enhancing communities’.
Link below:

Historic England’s has recently published 
‘Theres no place like old homes - Re-use and Recycle to Reduce Carbon’, Historic England (2019).
This research investigates the enormous potential benefits of recycling and adaptively reusing our existing building stock, rather than wastefully pulling buildings down and rebuilding them. "The longer a building and its component parts last, the less embodied carbon is expended over the life of the building.”
You can download the PDF at the following link:

UPDATED-Election 2020: Heritage On the Election Trail

Historic Places Aotearoa has been in contact with the major parties, asking who is their Spokesperson for Heritage and requesting a copy of their Heritage Policy.

We'll add to this posting as we receive the Policy from their Spokespersons.

The responses we have received thus far are posted as follows:


Arts Culture & Heritge Sector Survey (National Party)

The Hon Nicky Wagner M.P. (National Party) is conducting an Arts Culture & Heritage Sector Survey.

"I am focused on finding ways we can grow the value of Arts, Culture and Heritage. I want to engage you in debate, get your thoughts, test different ideas, and question the status quo to find better ways to grow the sector’s value, and turn those ideas into action."

The following is the link to the (SurveyMonkey) Survey:


“The Political Election Landscape for Heritage
”- HPA Exec Member Denis Pilkington Gave A Presentation To The HPA AGM On What Was Being Offered 
To The Heritage Voter At The 2017 Election.

I was asked to check out the various political party manifestos to see what was on offer during the election campaign. Heritage appears to be a fairly minor issue in the election process as it was not mentioned at all by United Future, it received a passing comment by ACT, NZ First offered a one line policy and there was only slightly more from National and while the policies from Labour and the Greens were a little more detailed they are both quite brief. (more…)

“Policy for Government departments’ management of historic heritage 2004 (August 2004)” : Policy @ MCH Website

Policy for Government departments' management of historic heritage 2004 (August 2004)



New Zealand's historic heritage is rich, varied and unique. It is a legacy of all generations, from the earliest places of Māori use and occupation to inner-city buildings. Places of historic heritage value are integral to our sense of nationhood and are an important visual and historical presence in the landscape. Iwi and hapū identity and cultural well-being are inseparable from whakapapa connections with places of historic heritage significance to Māori.

Government departments are the stewards of a large and significant portfolio of historic heritage, which they manage on behalf of the people of New Zealand. These properties illustrate aspects of past and continuing government activities, and New Zealand's social and economic development, culture and identity.

The government is committed to the promotion and protection of New Zealand's historic heritage and has established legislation and agencies for this purpose. It has ratified the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972). This policy is a further demonstration of the government's leadership role in historic heritage management.

The government regards the management of the historic heritage within its care as an important part of its responsibilities and will ensure that historic heritage values are taken into account when decisions are made. It has therefore decided to adopt a best practice approach in order to: (more…)

Election 2014: National Party Policy 2014 “Arts, Heritage And Broadcasting” Released

The following are text extracts of the Policy that relate to Heritage:
"A re-elected National government will let our internationally-successful creative sector grow and become more sustainable by promoting New Zealand content and intellectual property, and by making arts, heritage and broadcasting accessible to communities across the country."



Election 2014 : NZ First Heritage Policy Released

New Zealand First will:

  • Enhance and protect the rights of all New Zealanders to access their cultural heritage sites and clarify and amend legislation associated with protecting these heritage sites, buildings, and objects. The protection of our historic heritage is vital.
  • Support the Historic Places Trust, Forest Heritage Fund, QEII Trust, Landcare, and Nga Whenua Rahui and explore other means of encouraging the voluntary protection of natural and historical resources in private ownership.

In addition:
“Restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral could be a condition of any post-election coalition deal, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says.” (The Press)
“Peters backing fix for ‘icon’ ” The Press (Online Article)

Election 2014: Green’s Heritage Policy Released

"Heritage places and collections can provide a platform for an increased understanding of the development of New Zealand's unique culture amongst New Zealanders and heritage and cultural tourism can play an important part in the economic development of local communities, and building community pride and distinctive identity."
The following is the text of the Green Party Heritage Policy release:

Election 2014: Labour’s Heritage Policy Released (Labour Party Media Release)

"Labour believes that knowing and understanding our past and conserving our historic heritage is a critical part of establishing a strong sense of national identity. It is important we tell the stories of our nation’s history, and that places of significance are preserved for future generations."

The following is the text of the Heritage Policy included in  the Labour Party "Arts Culture and Heritage" Policy release. (more…)