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RMA Reform (2021)- Some Useful Background Reading

UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in July 2021.
This revised national framework promotes 'beauty at the heart of the planning system’, in an effort to create ‘beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and life-enhancing communities’.
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Historic England’s has recently published 
‘Theres no place like old homes - Re-use and Recycle to Reduce Carbon’, Historic England (2019).
This research investigates the enormous potential benefits of recycling and adaptively reusing our existing building stock, rather than wastefully pulling buildings down and rebuilding them. "The longer a building and its component parts last, the less embodied carbon is expended over the life of the building.”
You can download the PDF at the following link:

“The National Assessment RMA Policies and Plans – Heritage Provisions 2018.” Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Report

"The National Assessment RMA Policies and Plans - Heritage Provisions 2018." Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Report can be found at the following link.


Media coverage:
"Protecting Maori heritage comes second best, new report reveals" Stuff Online
"Heritage pakeha buildings are better protected by rules and regulations than Maori heritage sites, a new report by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga reveals.
The crown entity advocating for the protection and preservation of heritage examines councils' plans every three years to see how well they are performing in this area. ...
... Heritage New Zealand (HNZ) wants destruction of Maori heritage places to be a non-complying activity in a district plan. ..."

Heritage sites face demolition under draft district plan proposal- Stuff Online

"New Plymouth's building history is disappearing fast and little is being done by authorities to keep it, a heritage historian says.
Victoria University Wellington conservation research historian Hamish Crimp has spent the past year documenting residential and commercial buildings dating back to the first European settlement from 1840s, outside the city's central business district. ..."

“HERITAGE COUNTS 2017: Heritage and Society” Report: Historic England

 Historic England produces an annual report on Heritage.  Their latest publication "HERITAGE COUNTS 2017 Heritage and Society" is a very interesting read.

The following quote is a sampler...


1. Heritage plays an important part in our well-being and quality of life – 93% of residents say that local heritage has an impact on their quality of life.

2. Heritage supports social cohesion and inclusion – People can develop much stronger, long-lasting connections with their communities through heritage conservation work.

3. Heritage improves places – 80% of people think local heritage makes their area a better place to live.

4. People value heritage – 73% of UK adults agree that the UK government has a moral obligation to protect our heritage."

 Source : HERITAGE COUNTS 2017 Heritage and Society

You can download the report at the following link:  https://historicengland.org.uk/research/heritage-counts/2017-conservation-areas/heritage-and-society/