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Election 2014: Labour’s Heritage Policy Released (Labour Party Media Release)

"Labour believes that knowing and understanding our past and conserving our historic heritage is a critical part of establishing a strong sense of national identity. It is important we tell the stories of our nation’s history, and that places of significance are preserved for future generations."

The following is the text of the Heritage Policy included in  the Labour Party "Arts Culture and Heritage" Policy release. (more…)

“Unique heritage needs protecting” Media Release From Jacinda Ardern M.P. Labour Party Spokesperson Arts Culture And Heritage (03.07.14)

Jacinda Ardern_1“Labour’s plans to protect Canterbury’s heritage and to support building a liveable city include carrying out an audit of all remaining heritage buildings in the CBD and wider region. We will also repeal Section 38 of the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Act to ensure the community have their say before any more heritage buildings are razed."

“That guarantees the iconic Christchurch cathedral will not be demolished in haste, with any decisions on its future only being made after consultation and a proper Resource Management Act process."

Media Release is as follows: (more…)

“Community deserves voice on heritage” Jacinda Ardern M.P., Labour Spokesperson Arts Culture and Heritage Media Release (26.03.2014)

Jacinda Ardern_1“In the aftermath of the quakes, extraordinary powers were given to CERA through section 38 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act to demolish damaged heritage buildings without consultation.
“Three years on from the quakes, the time has come for that overarching authority to end, and for communities to be able to once again have their say on the future of the city’s remaining heritage buildings.
The Media Release is as follows:

“Town Hall decision a boost for city heritage” Grant Robertson M.P. Media Release (Labour Party)

Robertson_Grant-Big"Christchurch City Council’s decision to save the Christchurch Town Hall represents a line in the sand for heritage buildings in Christchurch, says Labour’s Arts, Culture and Heritage spokesperson Grant Robertson."

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

“It’s about OUR heritage” Commentary By Jacinda Ardern M.P.

Jacinda Ardern_1

"... even when we don’t physically own a space, they become an intrinsic part of who we are. They shape the places in which we live, and give us and our visitors and tourists (the economic side of heritage) a sense of our past and where we’ve come from. They leave us feeling robbed when they disappear from the landscape. ..." (more…)