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(2014) “Briefing to Incoming Minister” Ministry of Culture and Heritage

"The Briefing to the Incoming Minister reports are produced following each General Election and serve as an introduction to the work of the Ministry.  " (MCH web site)
The MCH briefings can be downloaded from the following links:
2014 Briefing to the incoming Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage :http://www.mch.govt.nz/files/BIM%20ACH%20Nov%202014%20(D-0567988).PDF
Strategic challenges for the Arts Heritage Media and Sport Sector Agencies: http://www.mch.govt.nz/files/BIM%20ACH%20Nov%202014%20%28D-0567988%29.PDF

Election 2014: National Party Policy 2014 “Arts, Heritage And Broadcasting” Released

The following are text extracts of the Policy that relate to Heritage:
"A re-elected National government will let our internationally-successful creative sector grow and become more sustainable by promoting New Zealand content and intellectual property, and by making arts, heritage and broadcasting accessible to communities across the country."



Election 2014 : NZ First Heritage Policy Released

New Zealand First will:

  • Enhance and protect the rights of all New Zealanders to access their cultural heritage sites and clarify and amend legislation associated with protecting these heritage sites, buildings, and objects. The protection of our historic heritage is vital.
  • Support the Historic Places Trust, Forest Heritage Fund, QEII Trust, Landcare, and Nga Whenua Rahui and explore other means of encouraging the voluntary protection of natural and historical resources in private ownership.

In addition:
“Restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral could be a condition of any post-election coalition deal, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says.” (The Press)
“Peters backing fix for ‘icon’ ” The Press (Online Article)

Election 2014: Green’s Heritage Policy Released

"Heritage places and collections can provide a platform for an increased understanding of the development of New Zealand's unique culture amongst New Zealanders and heritage and cultural tourism can play an important part in the economic development of local communities, and building community pride and distinctive identity."
The following is the text of the Green Party Heritage Policy release:

Election 2014: Labour’s Heritage Policy Released (Labour Party Media Release)

"Labour believes that knowing and understanding our past and conserving our historic heritage is a critical part of establishing a strong sense of national identity. It is important we tell the stories of our nation’s history, and that places of significance are preserved for future generations."

The following is the text of the Heritage Policy included in  the Labour Party "Arts Culture and Heritage" Policy release. (more…)