Historic Places Canterbury In the Press :” Public access to two of Christchurch’s treasured heritage buildings restricted” The Press Online

Public access to two of Christchurch's treasured heritage buildings restricted The Press Online

"... Christchurch Civic Trust chairman Chris Kissling said it was a "great shame" commercial interests were restricting public access.

"When the public has been asked for donations or put money into these buildings, to close it off for all but paid activity seems wrong."

Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard said Mona Vale was one of the city's great homesteads and it should be available to the public as much as possible.

The pair were also concerned the Sign of the Takahe had remained closed since its repair was completed in May 2017.

Kissling said buildings needed to be occupied because if they stood idle for too long they would deteriorate.

"These buildings hold so many memories for so many people. I would hate to see it kept standing idle much longer. It needs to be used."

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