Historic Places Canterbury In the Press: “Bringing life back into quake-damaged heritage buildings a tough task”- The Press Online

Bringing life back into quake-damaged heritage buildings a tough task- the Press Online.


"...Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard believes the council is doing a good job with its damaged heritage, and is being "very thorough" with its tendering process.

He says the council benefits by having some "really good staff" who listen to the community and take pride in the buildings.

Some are of the sites are harder than others to find a use for, and some are better suited to community rather than commercial use, Gerrard says.

"They are very very special buildings. We are very happy that they are safe and they are going to be restored - the council is weighing up what is best for them and finding an appropriate use.

"Their value is not just the architecture, each one has its own individual stories, they are a reminder of people who have come before us," says Gerrard.

He believes Harry Ell, the naturalist whose vision established the Sign of the Takahe and Sign of the Kiwi as Port Hills rest stops, would approve of today's walkers and cyclists enjoying hospitality in the buildings.

"People need to be able to see them. They are our buildings, they are our gems, our treasures."

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