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“Square Campaign Thanks”- Letter Published In The Press Perspectives (090318)

The following is the text of a letter published in The Press. The letter was sent by HPC Chair Mark Gerrard in his role as Convenor of  “Victoria Square - No Need For Change"  campaign committee.

" The re-opening of a restored Victoria Square will be celebrated by the many Christchurch Residents who supported the successful “Victoria Square- No Need For Change” campaign.

I am writing this letter to publicly “Thank” the many concerned residents who wrote letters to the Press, rang ZB Talkback, emailed their MPs, turned up for the Yellow Ribbon Picnic and attended the Knox Church Forum. I wish to acknowledge the “No Need For Change” committee, the volunteers, the residents who encouraged us, the Knox Forum panellists and Chris Lynch, and Historic Places Canterbury and The Christchurch Civic Trust who funded the campaign.

Whilst we celebrate the re-opening, we must all acknowledge the skill and thoughtfulness of the original Designers who, 30 odd years ago, created this very special space we know and love as Victoria Square.

Victoria Square is “Christchurch at its best” and it sets the standard for which the quality and success of the CBD rebuild will be judged.

The re-opening will be a momentus event. However, for most of us Victoria Square is about the quiet enjoyment of reclining under a tree, sitting on a park bench and stopping at night to enjoy the Bowker Fountain water display and the light show.

Mark Gerrard

Convenor “Victoria Square - No Need For Change”

Letter To The Press From Dr. Ian Lochhead Re: Preparation Of Demolition Plans For The Former Civic Offices

Dr. Ian Lochead has generously supplied the text of his letter that was published in The Press. (3rd October 2013)


The report in The Press (1 October) that demolition plans are being prepared for the heritage listed former Christchurch Civic Offices in Tuam Steet further highlights the flawed process being followed with regard to the future of heritage buildings in our city.  (more…)

Christ Church Cathedral: The ChenPalmer Letter Sent to NZHPT

SAVING HERITAGEThe following link is to a PDF copy of the widely reported Christ Church Cathedral letter sent by ChenPalmer to the N.Z.H.P.T. - SKMBT_C360_12101213000

Historic Places Canterbury "Thanks" the  Restore Christ Church Cathedral group for permission to post a copy of the letter sent by ChenPalmer  to the N.Z.H.P.T.

“The fact that CERA has issued a Section 38 notice allowing the demolition of McLean’s Mansion…. is a clear indication that Government places little value on the part heritage has to play in the Christchurch recovery” Letter Sent To The Press By Dr. Ian Lochhead

Dr Ian Lochhead has generously provided the text of his letter published in The Press. (16th July 2013)

The fact that CERA has issued a Section 38 notice allowing the demolition of McLean’s Mansion, one of New Zealand’s largest and most extraordinary houses, is a clear indication that Government places little value on the part heritage has to play in the Christchurch recovery.  (more…)

McLeans Mansion – Letter to The Press From Ross Gray (Deputy Chair Historic Places Canterbury)

Ross Gray has generously sent us the text of the letter he sent to The Press.

"This really is the last straw, a complete outrage! Cera has just issued a S38 demolition notice on the beautiful McLean’s Mansion, an HPT Category 1 / CCC Group 1 listed heritage building, one of New Zealand’s largest timber houses. (more…)

The Christchurch Town Hall- C.C.C. Vote To Retain Only Auditorium If Feasible

Text of letter published in  The Press provides a succinct summary.


Christchurch Town Hall

The decision by Christchurch City Councillors to retain only the auditorium of the Christchurch Town Hall (if feasible) and replace the entrance and foyer space with a new structure is surprising since the draft Annual Plan listed full restoration as the preferred option at a cost of only $10 million in excess of insurance cover.  (more…)