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“Heritage value recognised in McLean’s Mansion decision” Heritage New Zealand Media Release (06.07.2016)

Heritage_New Zealand_logo"Heritage New Zealand is pleased with the Environment Court’s decision that confirms Heritage New Zealand’s decision to decline an archaeological authority for the demolition of McLean’s Mansion in central Christchurch because of its outstanding heritage values."

"The Environment Court decision concluded that refusing the appeal “does not prevent or restrict the existing or reasonable future use of the site” and that the owners do not lack alternatives which could substantially reduce the cost of undertaking a restoration."

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McLean’s Mansion – The Environment Court & Etc In The Media

McLean's Mansion saved from demolition The Press Online

"Christchurch heritage homestead McLean's Mansion has been saved from the wrecking ball.

The Environment Court upheld a Heritage New Zealand decision to decline an application to demolish the mansion first made by owners, the Murray family of Christchurch, in 2013.

The court concluded the building "has very high historical and cultural heritage value that justifies protection" and that it "contributes towards Cantabrians' sense of place and identity".

The Murray family appealed to the Environment Court after Heritage New Zealand refused them permission to use a Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) demolition order."


Plan to save McLean's Mansion as art gallery and tourist attraction

Two interested buyers for historic, earthquake-damaged McLean's Mansion after demolition ban

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Holly Lea / McLean’s Mansion – 387 Manchester Street

Mcleans Mansion

Mclean's Mansion (Image Courtesy Christchurch City Council)

"... Allan McLean (1822-1907), one of the wealthiest men in Canterbury in his day. McLean was a bachelor who built the house with the intention that it be run as 'a home for women of refinement and education in reduced or straitened circumstances' following his death."

Holly Lea / McLean’s Mansion (more…)

“Christchurch people still locked out of city rebuild” Eugenie Sage M.P. Media Release (Green Party)

eugenie_sage"Under CERA's repressive regime, citizens can't use the RMA to either challenge the demolition of significant heritage buildings such as McLeans Mansion, or influence decisions on new buildings which determine the identity of the central city."

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“Time to stop the heritage destruction madness” Media Release From Grant Robertson M.P. Arts Culture and Heritage Spokesperson (Labour)

Robertson_Grant-Big“The news that the historic McLean’s Mansion is to be demolished is the latest blow to Christchurch’s heritage. With no apparent plan from the government or local authorities to protect the city’s heritage hundreds of buildings with cultural and historical significance are being torn down."
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McLeans Mansion – Letter to The Press From Ross Gray (Deputy Chair Historic Places Canterbury)

Ross Gray has generously sent us the text of the letter he sent to The Press.

"This really is the last straw, a complete outrage! Cera has just issued a S38 demolition notice on the beautiful McLean’s Mansion, an HPT Category 1 / CCC Group 1 listed heritage building, one of New Zealand’s largest timber houses. (more…)