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$67 Million To Restore Christ Church Cathedral- Costings Released By The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust

SAVING HERITAGEThe Great Christchurch Buildings Trust makes the following offers to the Anglican Church. (Media Release)
GCBT Cathedral Costings Summary: (PDF)costsummary30April
GCBT Cathedral Spreadsheet Costing Breakdown:(PDF)QS30Aprilxlsx

Media Coverage: (more…)

Updated: The Press Has Issued A Correction To “Cathedral millions declined” The Press (Online Article)

SAVING HERITAGEThe Print edition of The Press (25th June 2013) carries a correction stating the Church Property Trust (C.P.T.) has made no decision on  the $6.7 million offer by the Great Christchurch Building Trust. C.P.T. are awaiting the Appeal Court decision on the appeal.

Note: The Press Online article has not been corrected.  "Cathedral millions declined" (more…)

Christ Church Cathedral Presentations by N.Z.H.P.T. and Greater Christchurch Buildings Trust To C.C.C. Earthquake Forum 9.30 am Thursday 21st March

SAVING HERITAGEUpdate: The Greater Christchurch Buildings Trust presented a Deputation to the C.C.C. Earthquake Forum. Led by Jim Anderton and Philip Burdon the  GCBT gave an overview of their plan to make safe the Christ Church Cathedral.
The Councillors were not allowed in a ruling by the Mayor to Q&A with the Trust's Deputation "Team".

Rob Hall GM Southern Region NZHPT presented a Deputation on behalf of the Trust.
We have requested a copy of Rob Hall's NZHPT Deputation for posting on this website. Rob Hall's Deputation can be found here.

Note: The Mayor used the word Deputation despite this being a C.C.C. Forum. We shall be seeking a clarification of the Forum's status. (more…)