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“Dress up to help our oldest church” The Dominion Post (Online Article)

"Dress up to help our oldest church" The Dominion Post reports the Christ Church in Taita is one of the oldest still in its original condition. (160 years old next year.)

The Church is significant for another reason as a 1948 proposal to move the church caused such public outcry that  "It was the catalyst for Parliament deciding to pass the Historic Places Act in 1954 and later, the formation of the Historic Places Trust".

Christ Church Cathedral: The ChenPalmer Letter Sent to NZHPT

SAVING HERITAGEThe following link is to a PDF copy of the widely reported Christ Church Cathedral letter sent by ChenPalmer to the N.Z.H.P.T. - SKMBT_C360_12101213000

Historic Places Canterbury "Thanks" the  Restore Christ Church Cathedral group for permission to post a copy of the letter sent by ChenPalmer  to the N.Z.H.P.T.

Update- Lecture Well Attended: “Can earthquake prone masonry buildings be strengthened? Yes they can!” Win Clark Public Lecture 22nd May


60-70 people turned up to listen to the Win Clark Lecture that was held in the Cashmere Presbyterian Church.

"Can earthquake prone masonry buildings be strengthened? Yes they can!" Public Lecture.
Presenter:  Win Clark, Earthquake Engineer (N.Z.H.P.T. Consultant Engineer) (more…)

“Toys part of the fun at Highwic these holidays” N.Z.H.P.T Media Release

Richard Lees – toymaker extraordinaire.

Richard Lees – toymaker extraordinaire.

"Bored school children will be able to enjoy doing something a little different at Highwic these school holidays."

"Master toymaker Richard Lees, of Tinderbox, will lead a Toy Making holiday progamme on July 24 in which children will be able to learn about Victorian toys, and have a go at making a simple toy themselves."

The Media Release is as follows:


Christ Church Cathedral- Deputation To The CCC Earthquake Forum by Rob Hall, GM SouthernN.Z.H.P.T.

Rob Hall has generously provided us with the text of his Deputation to the C.C.C. Earthquake Forum.

CCC Earthquake Forum: Cathedral Church of Christ (Christchurch Cathedral)

Deputation: Rob Hall, General Manager (Southern), NZHPT           (more…)