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Victoria Square: No Need For Change Media Release (5th June 2015) Re Release Of Community Participation Feedback Summary

“The Feedback Summary findings reinforces the wishes of Christchurch Residents who have written letters, appeared on talkback radio, attended Public Meetings, sent emails and in countless private conversations have clearly stated to CCDU and to Minister Nicky Wagner - “Victoria Square, there is no need for change. Leave it alone.”

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

Victoria Square Public Forum At Knox Church


Chris Lynch took this image of the vote at the Victoria Square Public Forum. (Source Chris Lynch's Facebook page: LynchinNZ)

"At tonight's public meeting we called for a show of hands on keeping Victoria Square as is. What lovely passionate Cantabs. It was an honour to MC this meeting on behalf of the Chch Civic Trust & Historic Places Canterbury."

Chris Lynch took this image and posted it on his Facebook page:

Additional images:

Victoria Square Public Forum At Knox Church: Media Coverage

Morning Report (RNZ National) coverage:

Public say no to Victoria Square redesign ( 3′ 10″ )
Hundreds of Cantabrians gathered in Christchurch last night to deliver the Government a strong message - leave the city's Victoria Square alone.

"Morning Report"  reporting that 300 people attended the Victoria Square Public Forum.

Victoria Square Public Forum: Tuesday 7.30 Pm Knox Church Centre 31st March 2015 (Media Release)

Residents of Christchurch are invited to attend a
Public Forum on Victoria Square to be held 7.30pm Tuesday 31st March  at Knox Church Centre.

The Promotional Flyer can be downloaded from this link: Flyer_Vic_Square_Yellow_Ribbon_Picnic_and_Public_Forum

The Media Release is as follows:

Yellow Ribbon Picnic @ Victoria Square 12.00- 2.00pm Saturday 28th March 2015 (Media Release)

"Victoria Square No Need For Change” is inviting Christchurch residents to bring their lunch or just turn up and enjoy Victoria Square this Saturday between  12.00- 2.00pm.

"We are calling this informal gathering of residents a “Yellow Ribbon Picnic”.

The flyer can be downloaded here: Flyer_Vic_Square_Yellow_Ribbon_Picnic_and_Public_Forum

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

Victoria Square: Media Coverage (2015)

Victoria Square: "No Need For Change" Facebook page has the latest updates:


CCDU web site link:

Online Submissions can be made here:
"The Future of Victoria Square"

Media  reports on the CCDU proposed revamp of Victoria Square:

" Victoria Square consultation 'infantile' " (The Press 10/03/2015)

"Victoria Square submissions open" (The Press 06/03/2015)



“VICTORIA SQUARE – A Space Under Siege” (The Text Of the Press Op-Ed)

Grant Edge has generously supplied the text of  "VICTORIA SQUARE – A Space Under Siege" that was published in The Press.

VICTORIA SQUARE – A Space Under Siege

Principal Victoria Square Landscape Architect Gary Bateman (Melbourne) and local Landscape Architect Grant Edge provide an overview of the existing design and comparatively critique the new proposal. (more…)