Victoria Square: Media Coverage (2015)

Victoria Square: "No Need For Change" Facebook page has the latest updates:

CCDU web site link:

Online Submissions can be made here:
"The Future of Victoria Square"

Media  reports on the CCDU proposed revamp of Victoria Square:

" Victoria Square consultation 'infantile' " (The Press 10/03/2015)

"Victoria Square submissions open" (The Press 06/03/2015)



" 'John Key urged to intervene over Victoria Square revamp" (The Press 10/03/2015)

" 'Hands off our square' says Christchurch" (The Press 04/02/2015)
Revamp on hold pending consultation :
Historic Places Canterbury Chair quoted in article.

"Editorial: Victoria Square plans fall short" (The Press 04/02/2015)

"If Victoria Square ain't broke, why fix it?" Press Op-Ed (The Press 04/02/2015)

"Cera sees sense over Victoria Square revamp" Press Op-Ed (The Press 03/02/2015)

Public to get say on Victoria Square (The Press 02/02/2015)

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