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The Christ Church Cathedral Decision to Restore / Repair: Media Coverage

Crown signs with church to progress Christ Church Cathedral restoration The Press

Cathedral decision will kick-start millions of dollars in donations - campaigner The Press

Quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral to be restored The NZ Herald


” Heritage protection ‘bombshell’ ” N.Z. Herald (Online Article)

"Heritage protection 'bombshell' " N.Z. Herald

"The heritage lobby is predicting wholesale destruction of the city's character suburbs following an interim call to loosen heritage rules.

The independent panel hearing submissions on the council's Unitary Plan has rejected a council proposal to protect all pre-1944 houses not already covered by special character or heritage controls. ..."


“On shaky ground: Millions to fix earthquake-prone buildings” N.Z. Herald Online Article

"Critics say a law change designed to protect us from earthquakes could wipe out many of the country’s old buildings and still fail to make a difference. Faced with a barrage of expert condemnation, the Government is changing tack — but can it come up with a workable compromise?"

The Christ Church Cathedral: Stay On Demolition Lifted

SAVING HERITAGEMedia coverage:

"Battle to save cathedral far from over"
"ChristChurch Cathedral to be deconstructed"
"Battle to save cathedral far from over"

“Heritage campaigners call for Christchurch demolitions to halt” The N.Z. Herald (Online Article)

"Heritage campaigners call for Christchurch demolitions to halt" N.Z.Herald report on a parliamentary Deputation by Ross Gray, Dr. Lynne Lochhead and Dr.Ian Lochhead. Ross Gray whilst representing the Christchurch Civic Trust is also Deputy Chair of Historic Places Canterbury. Dr. Lynne Lochhead is involved in many heritage groups, trusts and webs sites is the Secretary of Historic Places Canterbury.