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Provincial Council Buildings – Restored And Run By A Trust?- Media Coverage

Trust may oversee Provincial Chambers repair : The Press

"The earthquake-damaged Canterbury Provincial Chambers could be sold to a trust to fast track its multimillion-dollar restoration.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel has asked Christchurch City Council staff to investigate creating a trust – similar to the Arts Centre Trust – to raise money and oversee repairs. ..."

Editorial: City council should establish trust to fix damaged provincial chambers  :The Press

Provincial Chambers trust plan backed : The Press

“Editorial: New Regent St stand-off completely unacceptable” The Press (Online Article 29.02.2016)

Editorial: New Regent St stand-off completely unacceptable: The Press Online:

"... The problem concerns five unoccupied buildings owned by Helen Thacker. They were fenced off by the Christchurch City Council last Wednesday, blocking the tramlines, ..."

"Thacker is but a steward of this important part of heritage Christchurch, but has not to date displayed the qualities that implies. It is to be hoped that her meetings with the council represent a change of heart. If not, she should pass the properties on to someone who can manage the repairs and get them open again."

“Editorial: Another step closer to a sensible revamp of Victoria Square” The Press (Online Article)

Editorial: Another step closer to a sensible revamp of Victoria Square
"In the redevelopment of Victoria Square there are parallels to the clock, involving, on one side, the people of Christchurch, and, on the other, the Christchurch Central Development Unit.

Those who wanted to push ahead quickly and recklessly - and spend $7 million with disregard to the broader sentiments of the city - have lost out, while the people who preferred the steady-as-she-goes, little change, option, for a place where you can linger awhile, kick back and slow down, have been victorious."