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Sutton House Media Coverage

"Plan to save Bill Sutton's former home" The Press:

"Artist's house should be saved" The Press Opinion Piece:

"Councillors want to save artist's former home" the Press (04/09/2012):

Victoria Square the Proposed Re-Development: Media Coverage

"Victoria Square revamp 'sterile, vapid'" The Press Mike Yardley Column:

"Victoria Square revamp to cost $7m" The Press :


Media Coverage “Building Seismic Performance consultation”

"Editorial: Let common sense dictate earthquake upgrades"   N.Z. Herald (7th March 2013)
"Plan a massive over reaction to quakes: super-safe landlord" N.Z. Herald (8th March 2013)
"Heritage loss a big concern"  N.Z. Herald  (7th March 2013)
"Devonport character buildings under threat" N.Z. Herald  (7th March 2013)
"Owners face cruel dilemma"  N.Z. Herald (6th March 2013)
"Building landlords cry poor"   N.Z. Herald (5th March 2013)
"Multibillion-dollar surprise for proprietors of heritage sites: lawyers"  N.Z Herald  (4th March 2013)
"Shock in store for building owners with at-risk assets"  N.Z. Herald (4th March 2013)
"Strengthening 'a cost burden with no return' "  N.Z. Herald (4th March 2013) (more…)