Earthquake-prone Building Policy – Media Coverage

The following are links to the online Media coverage.Radio New Zealand National:
Checkpoint : "Govt gives owners of quake-prone buildings an extra 5 years " (7th August 2013)

Nine to Noon:   "The government's quake safety deadline"    (8th August 2013)
Kathryn Ryan covers policy with Andrew Cleland  (Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Earthquake Engineers), Dr Maan Alkaisi - (Co-chair Christchurch Earthquake Families Group) and Maurice Williamson - Minister for Building and Construction.

Morning Report :   (8th August 2013)

N.Z. Herald:
"Govt sets deadline for quake strengthening buildings"  Text and Video coverage. (7th August 2013)
"Govt eases quake work deadline" Text and Video coverage. (8th August 2013)

The Dominion Post:
"15 years to strengthen quake-prone buildings" (7th August 2013)
"Too few engineers to check buildings for quake safety" The Dominion Post reports " A shortage of engineers is slowing down assessments of earthquake-prone buildings in Napier." (7th August 2013)
"Deadline for quake safety set at 20 years" (8th August 2013)

The Press:
"More time to act on quake-prone buildings" (7th August 2013)
"Quake widower slams policy" (8th August 2013)

The Otago Daily Times:
"20 year deadline for building assessments"   (7th August 2013)
"Quake policy blow to Otago buildings" (8th August 2013)
"Historic building strengthening reprieve" Reaction of the Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust (9th August 2013)

The Manawatu Standard:
"Quake plan 'too costly'" (8th August 2013)

The Nelson Mail:
"Quake policy 'borders on hysteria' " (8th August 2013)

The Timaru Herald:
"Editorial: Quake policy reasonable" (8th August 2013)








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