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“Temporary reprieve for 103-year-old war memorial” The Press on line article (10:03:2022)

Temporary reprieve for 103-year-old war memorial - The press


HPC Chair Mark Gerrard quote along with Christchurch Civic Trust Chair Ross Grey

The Canterbury Earthquake: 10 Years On

"Why hundreds of heritage buildings were demolished in Christchurch post-quake"
The Press Online.

"Christchurch's top 10 post-earthquake heritage restorations"
The Press Online

“Christchurch’s first blue plaque recipient revealed” The Press Online Article

"Christchurch's first blue plaque recipient revealed" The Press (Online Article)

"Christchurch’s heritage buildings are being celebrated and promoted with a new initiative launched in the city this week. ...

"Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard said he hoped the plaque would be the first of many in the city."


Sutton House Media Coverage

"Plan to save Bill Sutton's former home" The Press:

"Artist's house should be saved" The Press Opinion Piece:

"Councillors want to save artist's former home" the Press (04/09/2012):

“Insurers, owners join battle over standards” [The Press Online Reporting]

The Press reporting legal moves to overturn C.C.C. 2010 Policy change that lifted minimum seismic strength from 33% to 67%  of  new building code. Observation made that this legal action may have consequences for Auckland, Wellington and N.Z. cities built environment. "Insurance companies and building owners are joining forces in legal action against Christchurch's stricter building standards" [The Press Online and in Print]  Reporter Mark Greenhill. "Insurers, owners join battle over standards"

Notice of legal action has appeared in Public Notices of Print Media. Details available for PDF download at JonesFee website. (more…)

Three Heritage Buildings Covered In The Press [Saturday 20th October 2012]

"Owners committed to New City Hotel repair" New City Hotel reported on by The Press.
"Council bid to fix beloved town hall"
  The Press is reporting in an article that  Mayor Bob Parker "The city council will have "a damn good go" at ensuring the Christchurch Town Hall is saved, Mayor Bob Parker says..." [Press Online]
Council Staff on Christchurch Town Hall report due next week according to The Press.
"Hidden St Albans jewel to be restored"
The Press report on Chippenham Lodge.