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“Layers of history at Paetae Reserve” Heritage New Zealand Media Release (27.06.2016)

"One of these is the Paetae Reserve which is close to Edmonds Ruins – the historic site cared for by Heritage New Zealand – and located about 10 minutes’ drive from Kerikeri."

“We were fortunate enough to have local resident and researcher, Cath Fergusson, draw our attention to the reserve which is accessible only from the water. Like many other reserves in Northland, Paetae is a kind of time capsule that has remained largely unchanged over the decades mainly because of its relative isolation,” says Heritage New Zealand’s Northland Manager, Bill Edwards."

"In a history likely dating back centuries, Paetae became a place of settlement well before Pakeha arrived in the Bay of Islands."

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

“Anaya Woolshed” (A History) – ” …. Many believe that the original surviving parts of this shed are claim to the oldest surviving woolshed in New Zealand. …”

Anama Woolshed

Anama Woolshed has been added onto over its long lifetime

Anama Woolshed has been added onto over its long lifetime

By Julie Luxton

Let us journey back to 161 years ago and paint a picture in our mind of two pioneering men, squatters from Australia, living in a large woolshed at what is now called Anama.

The woolshed was without doors or windows, no chimney, built from nearby Manuka and thatched on top and sides with cabbage tree leaves. The fire was made in the middle of the floor and at night a blanket was hung up to serve as a door. The year is 1855 and well known pioneer John Barton Acland of Peel Forest sheltered for the night in this very woolshed.

Acland wrote in his diary “Russell and Rogers, with Seward and an Irish shepherd are living, and have been living for twelve months in a large woolshed………   It is a wonder why some people will make themselves so needlessly uncomfortable.” (more…)