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“Key decisions from today’s Community, Culture and Recreation Committee meeting” CCC Media Release. (3rd September 2013)

"To approve four Heritage Incentive Grants for repairs to 39 Holmwood Rd, 37A Holmwood Rd, 49 Oxford St, Lyttelton, 18 Rue Balguerie, Akaroa and a conservation covenant consent was given for repair work being carried out as part of the restoration process of Christchurch Girls High School’s Acland House on Papanui Road. The covenant is required for the proposed removal of heritage fixtures and fittings from the building during this process."
The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

C. C. C. Community Recreation And Culture Committee Meeting – Media Release (6th August 2013)

The Committee met on the 6th August (2013) and following heritage were covered in the C.C.C. Media Release:

The Committee made a number of key decisions. It will now make recommendations (except the approval of the Heritage Incentive Grants) to the full Council for consideration at its next meeting on 29 August.

  • The committee received a report recommending the Sign of the Takahe, 200 Hackthorne Road, should be repaired to 67 per cent of the New Building Standard. It noted that it wanted more information to be included in the report recommending the repair of the building before it was considered by the Council on 29 August. This included the expected rent received from the building and more information about the recommended repair methodology, including any measures to ensure the building is protected against damage from future earthquakes. (more…)

Heritage Week: Historic Places Deputation to CRaC Committee 8th May 2013

historic_places_cant_purple_logoThe following is the the text of the Historic Place Canterbury Deputation made to the Christchurch City Council Community, Recreation and Culture Committee (CRaC). Historic  Places Canterbury requested that the Committee recommend  the C.C.C. hold a heritage event this year. (The Staff Report on the CRaC Agenda recommended that "Heritage Week" be deferred until next year and that a scaled down Heritage event not be held this year.) (more…)

Updated: Deputation on Heritage to C.C.C. Committee by Lianne Dalziel M.P. and Charles Chauvel M.P. (Labour Spokesperson on Heritage)

Lianne Dalziel, M.P.

Lianne Dalziel, M.P.


Charles Chauvel, M.P.


The following is the text of the "Heritage" Deputation made to the Christchurch City Council Committee by Lianne Dalziel, M.P. Canterbury Earthquake Recovery spokesperson (Labour) and Charles Chauvel, M.P. Arts, Culture & Heritage spokesperson (Labour).


Deputation to Christchurch City Council (more…)

Independent Engineers Report On How to Restore Christ Church Cathedral Presentation To C.C.C. Committee 5th March

SAVING HERITAGEThe  Independent Panel of Structural Engineers report on how to restore the Cathedral is being presented to C.C.C.  Community, Recreation and Culture Committee tomorrow at:
9.0am. 5th March-The Function Room, Level 1, Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street
"This is an extremely important presentation to the Cmttee chaired by Councillor Yani Johanson." Mark Belton Restore Christ Church Cathedral.

UPDATED: Christchurch City Council Rearranges Its Committees.

The C.C.C. has simplified its Committee structure
by creating 4 new committees [and disestablishing 7]
The new Committees are the following:

People Community, Recreation and Culture
Environment and Infrastructure
Corporate and Finance

The Heritage and Arts Committee has been absorbed into the People Community, Recreation and Culture Committee.
The new Council Committees will meet once a month.

Details are as follows-

[Updated] the Committee will meet for the first time  at 9.30 am on the 31st July and starting in September will convene in the first week of every month. (more…)