UPDATED: Christchurch City Council Rearranges Its Committees.

The C.C.C. has simplified its Committee structure
by creating 4 new committees [and disestablishing 7]
The new Committees are the following:

People Community, Recreation and Culture
Environment and Infrastructure
Corporate and Finance

The Heritage and Arts Committee has been absorbed into the People Community, Recreation and Culture Committee.
The new Council Committees will meet once a month.

Details are as follows-

[Updated] the Committee will meet for the first time  at 9.30 am on the 31st July and starting in September will convene in the first week of every month.
The C.C.C. is looking to have the Committees meets in the first week of the month. The second week is received for a C.C.C. meeting, the third week is the Earthquake Forum and the Fourth Week a full  Council meeting where the various Committees recommendations will be deliberated. 
Community, Recreation and Culture
  is advisory only and will make recommendations to the full Council for decisions.


PEOPLE  Community, Recreation and Culture:
Councillors: Johanson (Chair), Livingstone (Deputy), Beck, Broughton, Carter, Chen, Corbett, Gough

The People  Community, Recreation and Culture Committee covers the following areas:

  • Community and Culture
  • Recreation and Sport
  • Arts and Heritage
  • Library
  • International Relations
  • Housing
  • Community Facilities
  • Engagement – Communications/Marketing
  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management
  • Iwi/Ethnic Relationships
  • Events and Festivals


Councillors: Reid (Chair), Keown (Deputy), Buck, Chen, Corbett ,Wells

The Environment and Infrastructure Committee covers the following areas:

  • Rockfall
  • Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Waste Management
  • Roading
  • Traffic Management
  • Open Space (Operations)
  • Integrated Catchment Management Plans (Operations)


Councillors: Broughton (Chair),  Carter (Deputy), Button, Chen, Gough, Johanson

Corporate and Financial Committee covers the following areas:

  • Assets
  • Treasury
  • Funding
  • Economic Development
  • Insurance
  • Development Contributions
  • Institutional Resilience
  • Christchurch City Holdings Ltd
  • Canterbury Development Corporation
  • Canterbury and Christchurch Tourism


Councillors: Wells (Chair), Beck (Deputy), Buck, Chen, Keown, Livingstone, Reid

Planning Committee covers  the following areas:

  • Consents
  • Central City Development Unit
  • Implementation of 100-day Plan
  • CERA Recovery Strategies
  • District Plan
  • Regulations
  • Spatial Planning
  • Growth Pressure
  • Urban Development Strategy
  • ICMP
  • Open Space (Planning)
  • Integrated Catchment Management Plans (Planning)
  • Council Hearings Panel
  • Bylaws
  • Submissions Panel

The following Committees were disestablished:
Central City Committee, Communications Committee, Heritage and Arts Committee, Housing and Community Facilities Committee, Regulatory and Planning Committee, Transport Committee, Water and Wastewater Committee


Membership changes in the following Committees:

The CEO Performance Review and Remuneration Subcommittee:
The Mayor (Chair), Councillors: Wells (Deputy), Beck, Broughton, Corbett

The Audit and Risk Management Subcommittee:
Councillors: Carter (Chair), Buck (Deputy), Broughton, Button, Chen,  Gough

The Ethics Subcommittee:
Mayor (Chair), Councillors: Button (Deputy), Buck, Chen, Gough
Independent Convenor

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