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“Town Hall decision a boost for city heritage” Grant Robertson M.P. Media Release (Labour Party)

Robertson_Grant-Big"Christchurch City Council’s decision to save the Christchurch Town Hall represents a line in the sand for heritage buildings in Christchurch, says Labour’s Arts, Culture and Heritage spokesperson Grant Robertson."

The Media Release is as follows: (more…)

“It’s about OUR heritage” Commentary By Jacinda Ardern M.P.

Jacinda Ardern_1

"... even when we don’t physically own a space, they become an intrinsic part of who we are. They shape the places in which we live, and give us and our visitors and tourists (the economic side of heritage) a sense of our past and where we’ve come from. They leave us feeling robbed when they disappear from the landscape. ..." (more…)

“Time to stop the heritage destruction madness” Media Release From Grant Robertson M.P. Arts Culture and Heritage Spokesperson (Labour)

Robertson_Grant-Big“The news that the historic McLean’s Mansion is to be demolished is the latest blow to Christchurch’s heritage. With no apparent plan from the government or local authorities to protect the city’s heritage hundreds of buildings with cultural and historical significance are being torn down."
Media Release is as follows: (more…)

Updated: The Roles Have Been Changed In A Reshuffle- Grant Robertson M.P. – The New Labour Party Spokesperson For Arts Culture and Heritage


Image: Labour Party (NZ)

Grant Robertson the Deputy Labour Party Leader is now the Labour Spokerperson for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Of interest there are two Associate Labour Spokespersons for Arts Culture and Heritage.
Jacinda Ardern M.P. &  Darien Fenton M.P. (more…)