“HERITAGE COUNTS 2017: Heritage and Society” Report: Historic England

 Historic England produces an annual report on Heritage.  Their latest publication "HERITAGE COUNTS 2017 Heritage and Society" is a very interesting read.

The following quote is a sampler...


1. Heritage plays an important part in our well-being and quality of life – 93% of residents say that local heritage has an impact on their quality of life.

2. Heritage supports social cohesion and inclusion – People can develop much stronger, long-lasting connections with their communities through heritage conservation work.

3. Heritage improves places – 80% of people think local heritage makes their area a better place to live.

4. People value heritage – 73% of UK adults agree that the UK government has a moral obligation to protect our heritage."

 Source : HERITAGE COUNTS 2017 Heritage and Society

You can download the report at the following link:  https://historicengland.org.uk/research/heritage-counts/2017-conservation-areas/heritage-and-society/


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