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Proposed Earthquake Strengthening Rules- Some News Coverage

'Unfair' to impose strengthening costs on owners  " Wellington City Councillor Iona Pannett reported by Radio New Zealand.

"More heritage demolitions likely" [The Dominion Post Online]
Dominion Post has reaction to the proposals for Earthquake Strengthening Rules from Wellington Property Developers and Property's Council's Conal Townsend . "More heritage demolitions likely" [Link to article online.]

We recommend you read "Accelerate heritage building retention  by accelerating depreciation and expenses" by Peter Dowell, Heritage Building Developer. (more…)

Update- Lecture Well Attended: “Can earthquake prone masonry buildings be strengthened? Yes they can!” Win Clark Public Lecture 22nd May


60-70 people turned up to listen to the Win Clark Lecture that was held in the Cashmere Presbyterian Church.

"Can earthquake prone masonry buildings be strengthened? Yes they can!" Public Lecture.
Presenter:  Win Clark, Earthquake Engineer (N.Z.H.P.T. Consultant Engineer) (more…)

“Buildings may be abandoned” Otago Daily Times (Online Article)

"Buildings may be abandoned" Otago Daily Times report on issues raised by Alan McMahon (Commercial Property Consultant) on earthquake strengthening of buildings in Dunedin. Article includes commentary by Dunedin City Council policy planner for heritage Glen Hazelton.

CONSULTATION IS CLOSED. Urgent Attention Required: “Building Seismic Performance consultation”- Consultation closes: 5pm Friday, 8 March 2013.

"Essentially the proposals would require all non-residential and multi-unit, multi-storey residential buildings to have a seismic capacity assessment done within five years. Owners of buildings identified as earthquake-prone would then have up to 10 years to strengthen or demolish these buildings."
Consultation closes: 5pm Friday, 8 March 2013.

National Radio coverage       Public Meeting Details- Cities, Times, Dates...    (more…)