2017 General Elections- Arts Culture and Heritage: RNZ Eva Radich Interviews The Party Spokesperson

In order of being broadcast:

Political discussion: Arts, Culture and Heritage with Grant Robertson

Political discussion: Arts, culture and Heritage with TOP’s Mika Haka

Political discussion: Arts, culture and heritage with the Greens’ Barry Coates
Heritage discussed 15.28 into the interview.

Political discussion: Arts, Culture and Heritage with Maori co-leader Marama Fox

Political discussion: Arts, Culture and Heritage with National’s Maggie Barry
Heritage discussed 9.05 into the interview.

Arts, Culture and Heritage: What’s in it for you? RNZ summary of the interviews:


“Travelling Codes.” Nigel Isaacs: Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington

The following article is taken from the latest HPA Oculus Newsletter (2017-07).

Travelling Codes.

In March 1921, American mining engineer Herbert Hoover became US Secretary of Commerce. One of his early actions was to establish a "Building Code Committee" with a goal of improving the productivity of house construction. In July 1922 the Committee reported its “Recommended Minimum Requirements for Small Dwelling Construction”, a widely distributed, compact booklet.

In New Zealand, also in March 1921, a recent graduate of the University of Auckland was appointed as the first Engineer of Forest Products in the new Forestry Department. In 1923, A.R. (known as Pat) Entrican was set to work reviewing the many building by-laws with a goal of supporting the more efficient use of native timber. He soon set up a national conference to develop a standard national building by-law which in Wellington in June 1924.

As a model for the NZ conference, Entrican used the US publication, modifying it to suit NZ conditions. The NZ Conference recommendations were widely distributed and generally adopted, even before the 1931 Napier earthquake. (more…)