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POSTPONED: Historic Places Aotearoa & ICOMOS Joint Conference 2021

ICOMOS and HPA have decided to postpone our planned Joint Conference that was to be held in Auckland on 9th & 10th October.

The organisers are looking at arranging and confirming a new date as soon they can ascertain progress in the next fews weeks. More details to come.

Submission to the Environment Committee Inquiry on the Natural and Built Environments Bill: Parliamentary Paper HPA / ICOMOS NZ JOINT SUBMISSION

You can download the Historic Places Aotearoa / ICOMOS Joint Submission at the following link:

The following is a link to all the Submission made to the Environment Committee:

RMA Reform (2021)- Some Useful Background Reading

UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in July 2021.
This revised national framework promotes 'beauty at the heart of the planning system’, in an effort to create ‘beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and life-enhancing communities’.
Link below:

Historic England’s has recently published 
‘Theres no place like old homes - Re-use and Recycle to Reduce Carbon’, Historic England (2019).
This research investigates the enormous potential benefits of recycling and adaptively reusing our existing building stock, rather than wastefully pulling buildings down and rebuilding them. "The longer a building and its component parts last, the less embodied carbon is expended over the life of the building.”
You can download the PDF at the following link:

“Loss of Heritage EQUIP funding a blow” Historic Places Aotearoa / ICOMOS Media Release

The Government’s decision to discontinue funding for seismic strengthening of heritage buildings is a serious setback for owners, Historic Places Aotearoa president James Blackburne said today.
The decision not to extend Heritage EQUIP (Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme) funding past the end of June 2021 slipped through in the May Budget without arousing any media comment. “This cut is a major blow to heritage preservation as the fund had been making extremely worthwhile grants towards seismic strengthening of heritage buildings as required by the Building (Earthquake Prone Buildings) Amendment Act, 2016,” Mr Blackburne said.

ICOMOS NZ Chairperson, Pamela Dziwulska, agrees with HPA – “it’s an incredibly sad loss for built heritage in Aotearoa – buildings are at the forefront of everybody’s day to day experiences of their town centres, cities, and even rural settings. ....
Adaptation, using the right expertise, makes the most sense if the goal is to be sustainable and meet climate change targets. The government put these time limits on building owners who are acting as the kaitiaki, but have now taken away one of their main sources of monetary aid in order to protect and maintain Aotearoa’s cultural heritage for future generations.”

HPA executive member and Whanganui district councillor Helen Craig said Heritage EQUIP was revolutionary in that it funded private owners of buildings.
“It was one of the most effective, best-run and most-responsive funding mechanism I’ve seen.

The Media Release can downloaded at the following link: