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The Heritage of Sport – World Heritage Day Monday 18th April (2016) James Blackburne President HPA Media Statement

Celebrating New Zealand’s Sporting Heritage

Communities around the country are being asked to consider important sport sites and events that took place in their regions as part of celebrating World Heritage Day next Monday 18th  April.

With a focus this year on the Heritage of Sport, Historic Places Aotearoa and its Membership Organisations asks locals to consider which sports site or ground they would like to keep as part of their, and New Zealand’s, sporting heritage.

Historic Places Aotearoa President James Blackburne says that with sport a big part of life for most Kiwis, World Heritage Day is a great chance to celebrate our great sporting achievements and the heritage of the grounds where it all happened.

“We know Kiwis love to discuss sport. We can keep our sporting heritage alive by debating and recognising those sports grounds and stadiums where an outstanding sports achievement became our collective history."

“For World Heritage Day next Monday, Historic Places Aotearoa  urges local media to ask the community – including the mayor, councillors, sports journalists and sports commentators – to nominate a sports ground worth preserving and tell us what special sporting achievement occurred there.”
James Blackburne President Historic Places Aotearoa

The Heritage of Sport- World Heritage Day, Monday 18th April : Historic Places Canterbury Media Release

The “Heritage of Sport” is the theme for this years World Heritage Day being held next Monday 18th April.

“We suggest they ring ZB Talkback or write to the Press or Star newspaper to nominate a site where a special sporting moment occurred. We would like to hear why it is special and what the great sporting achievement that occurred there was. It could, for instance, be Lancaster Park where in 1962 Peter Snell broke the 880yard/800m world records.”

“Many proud Cantabrians will remember Lancaster Park where Richard and Dayle Hadlee as members of the New Zealand Cricket Team beat Australia for the first time in 1974. Many will argue Richard Hadlee as a tearaway fast bowler starting his long run up with that memorable half skip at Lancaster as something that should be celebrated!”

The Media Release is as follows: