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“Peter (Beaven) was a remarkable architect” Professor Ian Lochhead

"Peter was a remarkable architect, one who lived and breathed architecture all his life and was still designing with undiminished creativity until the very end.  I can’t think of another New Zealand architect with a greater ability to think three dimensionally (not such a universal skill among architects as might be imagined) and although he had a great capacity for formal invention he was never interested in form for its own sake; he wanted to make buildings that were expressive and that told us something about who we are.  (more…)

Peter Beaven

"It is with sad news that I note the passing of Christchurch Architect Peter Beaven. As Chair of Historic Places Canterbury I would like to publicly acknowledge the outstanding contribution by Peter Beaven to New Zealand Architecture. This contribution was matched by his powerful advocacy for the preservation of Christchurch and New Zealand's built heritage. Christchurch Heritage and Architecture has lost someone very special with
Peter Beaven's passing."
Mark Gerrard, Chair Historic Places Canterbury
[A statement made to the full Christchurch City Council before an Annual Plan submission.] (more…)