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Restore Our Cathedral Meet ‘n’ Greet of the Anglican Synod Delegates at St Christophers

A number of the Historic Places Canterbury Members and Committee were part of the team who turned up at 7.45pm on Saturday  [4th April] to hand out to the arriving delegates the Restore Our Cathedral "Open Letter" package.

We hear from those involved that approximately 90% of Synod 250 delegates took the hand out package which included an open letter.

The Wizard’s Demo Against Demo @ The Anglican Synod

The Wizard called a "Demo against Demo" at  the Anglican Synod held at St. Christophers, Avonhead, on Saturday 4th April. The demo was timed for the 10.30 am Synod morning tea break and was held on the footpath. 70 people turned up to support his call to Save Our Cathedral.

70 plus people and the media turned up to hear the Wizard call for a Pause in the deconstruction of the Anglican Cathedral. (more…)