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“Urban regeneration specialist urges Timaru to consider its heritage as part of its future” Timaru Herald Online Article (06:05:2022)

"Urban regeneration specialist urges Timaru to consider its heritage as part of its future" Timaru Herald Online Article

"Hazelton urged Timaru to look to neighbouring city Dunedin for inspiration, and said the most sustainable approach was looking at what it already had.

“Most of the time when we do have a building get demolished it does just become a car park because the cost of reconstruction and cost of building a new building is so great that the return people have to get from it – you can't rent things for that expense in Dunedin,” Hazelton said.

"Hazelton also spoke about the sustainable aspect of regenerating heritage buildings instead of demolishing them, and the way the Dunedin City Council had regenerated it CBD’s heritage buildings by repurposing them


“Blue plaque tells of history on Timaru’s Landing Service building” Timaru Herald Online

Blue plaque tells of history on Timaru's Landing Service building: Timaru Herald


"The Timaru Landing Service building is now the first historic place in South Canterbury to receive a Historic Places Aotearoa (HPA) blue plaque highlighting its heritage. ..."

Historical plaque scheme reaches South Canterbury with $7500 donation: Timaru Herald