Timeball Blessing Ceremony- Andrew Coleman Draft Speaking Points

Artist Impression (Image supplied Heritage New Zealand

Andrew Coleman CE H.N.Z. has generously provided us with a copy of his Draft Speaking Points for the "Timeball Blessing Ceremony".
The Draft Speaking Points provided are not an accurate record of what was said, but are intended to be used as a guide to the subjects covered in the Speech.

Timeball Blessing Ceremony – notes for Andrew Coleman

  • Introduction/welcome … Minister’s apologies/statement
  • Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, the Lyttelton community and all New Zealanders are indebted to the generosity of donors who, through their financial support, have provided the solid foundations to ensure the Timeball will once again drop daily in this port town as it has done since 1876.

  • Landmark Inc, represented today by trustee Viv Milne, donated well over $1 million to this project. It is fair to say that their ‘founding’ gift made it possible to pursue this project.
  • Holcim, with a gift of $100,000, was our second major supporter of this project and became involved very early on.  Attending today are Country Manager Glenda Harvey and Human Resources Manager Janine Lipsys.
  • The Lottery Grants Board, represented by committee member Maggie Bayfield, have invested $1.3 million in this project, which makes it our largest non-Government project grant.  Heritage New Zealand and Lottery Grants Board work together very much as a partnership and we’re thankful of their ongoing support.
  • The Stout Trust and Parkinson Memorial Park Trust, through Perpetual Guardian, collectively contributed well over $200,000 to this project.  I acknowledge Kate Palmer from Perpetual Guardian, who represents both trusts today.
  • And the Mainland Foundation has remained keen supporters of this project.  Thank you to Chief Executive Nick Kouloubrakis and the team.
  • This financial support has been backed by the efforts and desire of the Lyttelton community to see the Timeball return.  Without that local support this would likely not be a reality today.
  • Finally, the gift of time has also been a remarkable resource.  Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga thanks the community for their patience as we worked through the logistics of this project.
  • That gift of time also was extended in the crucial period following the Timeball’s deconstruction in 2011 by the likes of MP for Port Hills, the Hon Ruth Dyson, prominent local identity Sue Wells, Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner and Rick Herd from Naylor Love.  These people helped build the case for support of this project and I thank them very much.
  • Thank you all for attending today.  Through the strength of community and the generosity of support the Timeball tower will soon return and the ‘1pm drop’ can resume.


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