The PeterBorough Centre – Speech Given by Cr. Yani Johanson

The following is the text of the Speech given by Cr Yani Johanson at the Peterborough Centre Press Conference.

Cr Yani Johanson Speech in response to announcement by Ceres NZ to Save the Peterborough Centre.

Cr Yani Johanson
Chairperson Community, Recreation, and Culture Committee
Christchurch City Councillor - Hagley/Ferrymead Ward
Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words today.
This announcement today is in my view great news for our city.
This is a magnificent project to restore and repair a magnificent heritage building.
It shows what is possible when the elements of time, resources, professional advice, and funding come together to collaborate for a successful outcome.
I wish to acknowledge the City Council heritage staff who have provided extensive support to this positive development.
I wish to pay tribute to CERES NZ and Mr David McIntyre, for their foresight in recognising that importance of keeping one of our city’s most important heritage sites as we go forward and recover from the great tragedy we have been through.
I have no doubt that future generations will enjoy the benefits of this wisdom and determination and be grateful for the legacy that this project leaves for our city
In conclusion, can I thank all those involved. I know it won’t of been easy and at times it will have been a hard struggle.  But out of those tough times, you provide us with a stunning and stirling showcase when this project is finished, of what is possible with the old becoming part of the new city
All the very best wishes to all those involved in making this happen.
Cr Yani  Johanson

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