The Ashburton Railway Station – A Commentary

Ashburton Railway Station 1945 snowThe 1945 Snow

This photograph of the Ashburton Railway yards and station was taken in the big snow of 1945!

Sadly the railway station will not endure another snowfall like this.  As many of you will know, the station is being demolished as this is written.  No doubt in its place will appear another bland concrete structure.

While many of us fought hard to save the iconic building, it came down to several factors; lack of ability to raise money to purchase, an uncompromising owner and a council that never should have let the two concrete bookends, one  either end of the station,  be built in the first place!

Ashburton Railway Staton 2013 demolitionThe Ashburton Railway Station was listed on both the Historic Places national register  and the Ashburton District Council schedule of heritage items.  This shows just how vulnerable even our listed heritage can be.

Julie Luxton
Chair Historic Places Mid Canterbury

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