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Historic Places Canterbury Submission to Regenerate Christchurch Re: “Draft concept and key moves for the Square and surrounding area”






Historic Places Canterbury Submission to:

Regenerate Christchurch:
“Draft concept and key moves for the Square and surrounding area”


Heritage buildings and sites often change through generations and in the way they are used and function that often differs from their original intention.

Heritage organisations and individuals acknowledge these changes occur and that heritage building and sites can accommodate change by using appropriate “Adaptive reuse principles,” to keep them vibrant and relevant to their time and circumstance.

Historic Places Canterbury is encouraging of designs that seek to make the Cathedral Square vibrant and relevant to a post “quake” Christchurch.  Any re-design of Cathedral Square however must be respectful of its heritage status under the District Plan (Scheduled as “Highly Significant”) and acknowledge in its layout and new additions its past functions and shape that made it a premier civic space and transport hub.

Historic Places Canterbury cannot support the Draft Concept as proposed by Regenerate  Christchurch as we deem it to be deeply un-sympathetic with an inappropriateness that borders on being  disrespectful of Cathedral Square’s heritage. Indeed Regenerate Christchurch ignores and fails to mention the protected status of Cathedral Square and its history.  (more…)