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“Heritage advocate accuses council of being ‘overly secretive’ as they discuss Christchurch historic buildings in secret” The Press Online Article (010218)

Heritage advocate accuses council of being 'overly secretive' as they discuss Christchurch historic buildings in secret The Press online:

"A heritage advocate is accusing Christchurch City Council of being "overly secretive" regarding the future of the city's heritage buildings.

Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard has been unable to find out any information on the council's plans for the future of heritage buildings, ..."

“Ōamaru courthouse to reopen after years of facing closure” RNZ Online News

"Ōamaru courthouse to reopen after years of facing closure" RNZ  News Online.

"The 135-year-old courthouse was closed in December 2011 after being deemed earthquake-prone.

The future of the courthouse looked dire when a government engineering report found strengthening could cost upwards of $4 million. ...

" ... Initially the figure of $4m-6m was going to make it very difficult to retain the court. Under those numbers, it was probably going to be a case of 'Well, we'll just shut it down.' "

But instead of feeling defeated, Mr (Bill) Dean did his own research - employing an engineer to assess the courthouse then asking for a price on the proposed repairs.
The cost was closer to $350,000 - and the assessment found the building was unlikely to collapse in an earthquake and did not need to be closed in the first place.
But Mr Dean said it took several years for the paperwork to be accepted and remedial work to be completed. ...



“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Dr Anna Crighton Op-Ed Published In The Press

The text of the “Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” opinion piece published by the Press can be found at the following link:

“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Text Of Dr. Anna Crighton Opinion Piece Published In The Press And Online


Harley Chambers / Worcester Chambers: The Resource Consent Application

Owners of historic Christchurch building seek demolition consent for hotel project  The Press Online;

Historic Places Canterbury Deputy Chair Ross Gary quoted in the following Press Online articles:

Hotel developer battles to demolish "decaying, doomed, eyesore" heritage building  The Press Online.

"Objector Ross Gray, acting chair of the Civic Trust and deputy chair of Historic Places Canterbury, said the buildings concerned were at the heart of an extremely sensitive heritage precinct and any further loss of heritage buildings in the area was unthinkable."

Earthquake Act could help demolish Christchurch heritage buildings on luxury hotel site.The Press Online.

"Ross Gray, acting chair of the Civic Trust and deputy chair of Historic Places Canterbury, said he would be appalled if the GCRA was applied in this case.

About 250 Christchurch heritage buildings have been lost as a result of the earthquakes, those remaining deserved protection, Gray said, and he was surprised Heritage New Zealand had not opposed demolition of the two chambers. ..."


“Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike” Text Of Dr. Anna Crighton Opinion Piece Published In The Press And Online

Dr Anna Crighton Chair of the Christchurch Heritage Trust and Founding President of Historic Places Aotearoa has generously provided the text for the Op-Ed that appeared in the Press print and online. (18th October 2017)

Link to Press online article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/business/the-rebuild/97959739/saving-heritage-buildings-can-be-a-win-for-owners-and-the-public-alike

The text is as follows:

"Saving heritage buildings can be a win for owners and the public alike"

The imperative for the rescue of a historic building is reliant on one significant aspect – a willing owner.   Despite the destruction of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes followed by CERA’s ‘scorched earth’ policy, there were determined and diligent building owners who successfully proceeded with their restoration plans despite the government’s blue print parameters. It is fortunate that some of the most noteworthy heritage buildings in the central city had visionary leaders who saw the benefits in repairing their buildings during the recovery period.  The Arts Centre of Christchurch, Christ’s College, the Heritage Hotel (Old Government Buildings), the Canterbury Club, Knox Church and the Isaac Theatre Royal to name a few. The Press stated in its Editorial of 21 February 2015 ‘The privately-funded labour of love that has returned the Isaac Theatre Royal to us in this past year has done more for central city vibrancy, so far, than has come out of the blueprint’. (more…)

Rose Historic Chapel Re-Opens

Quake-hit historic Rose Chapel in Christchurch reopens after missing big birthday The Press Online

Rose Historic Chapel : https://www.rosehistoricchapel.co.nz/

The Rose Historic Chapel will be open for the public to view this Sunday (29th July) from 2pm to 4 pm.

The Christ Church Cathedral Decision to Restore / Repair: Media Coverage

Crown signs with church to progress Christ Church Cathedral restoration The Press

Cathedral decision will kick-start millions of dollars in donations - campaigner The Press

Quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral to be restored The NZ Herald