Saving Cranmer Courts: It Is Not Too Late!

To: Print, TV and radio media [Media Release Text]

From: Historic Places Canterbury, IConIC, Christchurch Civic Trust


On behalf of the wider public, the above heritage groups wish to emphasise that it is not too late to save Cranmer Courts.

Protesters on the site on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were heartened by the positive

response from pedestrians and those driving by. Overseas and New Zealand tourists were aghast at the scene of destruction confronting them.

The resumption of demolition is not the first time the building has been at the mercy of heavy machinery: demolition had already begun in the late 1980s when the eleventh hour bid was struck to develop the site in the form we now know it.

Distressing and brutal as the demolition has been so far, with no attempt to retrieve and conserve valuable building materials, only a small proportion of the building has gone. The great majority of it remains, providing a highly viable basis for a restoration / redevelopment.

Every moment is precious: what is needed is time. We appeal to the Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee and CERA CEO Roger Sutton to halt the demolition and provide the time for all interested parties to meet and discuss how to save this priceless Heritage Category 1 building for the enjoyment of future generations.

Tomorrow and in succeeding days there will be citizens on site protesting about this abhorrent act of state-driven vandalism. No other earthquake-prone country sanctions the destruction of earthquake-damaged heritage buildings in this way.

Shame on this government and its Christchurch regime!


Ross Gray,
Vice-chair Historic Places Canterbury 021 206 362


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