Historic places Wellington soon to launch

The Wellington Branch Committee of the NZHPT has started the process to establish  HISTORIC PLACES WELLINGTON.

The Branch newsletter is reporting that a resolution was passed by the Committee seeking to make the necessary arrangements with the NZHPT Board and transition to Historic Places Wellington. The newsletter sent out to all NZHPT Wellington branch members contains a message encouraging them to join with Historic Places Aotearoa and establish Historic Places Wellington.

The Resolution of the Committee reads as follows...

“That the Wellington Branch Committee resolve to seek the New Zealand Historic Places Trust Board approval to disestablish the Wellington Branch Committee and form a new organisation, Historic Places Wellington Incorporated; that the new regional organisation will have the same geographical coverage and purposes and goals that align with the Wellington Branch Committee, and that the proposal to disestablish the branch and transfer branch funds to the new organisation be agreed to by the branch committee.”

The newsletter informs the membership the committee is seeking approval from the NZHPT Board in mid April.

The main objective of Historic Places Wellington to quote the Newsletter (Autumn 2012):

“The main objective of Historic Places Wellington will be to promote the identification, protection and conservation of historic places in the Wellington area, and to inform, advise and educate the public on the significance of Wellington’s historic places. The area of interest will cover the cities of Wellington, Porirua, Lower and Upper Hutt and Kapiti District.”

The article reports that the committee is still in the planning stage and members will be kept informed of details.

The Committee Chair Peter Dowell and Editor Diana Beaglehole  state in the Newsletter that many members [too numerous to list] have served on the Branch since its establishment in 1957 and they wish to “gratefully acknowledge” their contribution.

Special mention has been made of the numerous trips and events enjoyed by members and recorded in the Newsletter since 1971. Special mention and a “big ‘thank you’ ” was given to R.J (Bob) Meyer, Barbara and Glen Robertson, David Kiddey and Heather Nelson and the many members who assisted with the organising of them.

Comment: The newsletter contains an outstanding article backgrounding the history of the Historic Places Trust, the legislation tabled in Parliament and the future, written  by John Daniels, Wellington Branch Committee member and we  will  be seeking permission to reproduce it on this web site.

The Source of this article was the Wellington Branch Newsletter sent out to the NZHPT members. All quotes are taken from the Newsletter (Autumn 2012).

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