Historic Places Mid Canterbury AGM 17th September (2015)

Historic-Places-Mid-Canterbury-Purple-logoHistoric Places Mid Canterbury AGM:
Guest Speaker Katharine Watson, Archaeologist
7pm Thursday 17th September in our rooms on Havelock Street.
All Welcome.
Historic Places Mid Canterbury is thrilled to have archaeologist Katharine Watson speak at their AGM on Thursday September 17. All members and anyone interested is encouraged to join us at 7pm. Katharine, who grew up in Mid Canterbury, says she is fascinated by people, our past, and the lives of those who went before us. This passion led her to work as an archaeologist after she graduated from Otago University with MA (First Class Hons in 2000.) She set up her own company in Christchurch, Underground Overground Archaeology Limited, in 2006

Since the earthquakes of 2011, the volume of archaeological work in the city has increased dramatically. Katharine’s business has grown hugely, from employing 1-2 part timers to twelve or more. Full time in the Red Zone from almost immediately after the 22nd February Quake, initially involved in monitoring the deconstruction/demolition of earthquake damaged heritage buildings, they are now exploring those sites for archaeological findings. “To me, the artefacts we find provide us with a direct connection to the people who made Christchurch. I can hold the fragments of a china bowl in my hand that was someone’s treasured possession, brought with them all the way from England. And when I hold that bowl, it makes me stop and think about how brave they were to start a new life in a new settlement, knowing that they might never see the rest of their family again. And that whenever they used that bowl, they thought of their family back home, of all they had left behind, and all that they had gained since arriving in Christchurch,” says Katharine.
HPMC AGM 2015- Poster Katharine Watson PDF

Underground Overground Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UnderOverArch


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