“Heritage Event in 2013 recognises value of city’s past” Christchurch City Council Media Release

CCC LogoHeritage Event in 2013 recognises value of city's past

30 May 2013

The Council today agreed to hold a smaller Heritage event later this year and re-launch Heritage Week in 2014.

The event will include a series of guided site visits over a weekend and a forum where various heritage organisations and community groups can share their experience and expertise.

Community, Recreation and Culture Committee Chairperson Yani Johanson says that the community had clearly indicated that there was a desire to recognise heritage in some way in 2013.

"There is significant interest in the historic fabric of our city, and as such the Council believes it is important to recognise this through a Heritage weekend event in 2013.

"The Council’s staff have been asked to put together a programme in conjunction with key heritage groups to ensure an informative and interesting range of activities. While sadly we have witnessed much heritage destruction in our city, we have also seen some positive stories of efforts to repair and restore heritage buildings.

"I look forward to this event giving the community an interactive chance to learn more about what has happened and what work is being done."

Natural Environment and Heritage Manager Helen Beaumont says that the decision reflects the role heritage continues to play following the earthquakes.

“The re-launch of Heritage Week in 2014 will give us the opportunity to reframe and broaden our appreciation of heritage following the Canterbury earthquakes. The earthquakes are now part of the history of the City and Banks Peninsula.

“A focused heritage event later this year will recognise the depth of the community’s feelings about the value heritage brings to our everyday lives.”

“The fact that there are over 72 places of heritage interest noted in our updated City and Architectural Heritage Guide shows the richness of heritage remaining,” says Ms Beaumont.


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