“Full Restoration Of Christ Church Cathedral” Denis O’Rourke M.P. Media Release

N.Z. First endorses Full Restoration fo Christ Church Cathedral.
The following is a Media Release from Denis O'Rourke List M.P. N.Z. First.
Full Restoration Of Christ Church Cathedral
11 April 2013
Denis O'Rourke

New Zealand First believes the iconic status of the earthquake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral means it should be fully restored – but at a reasonable cost.

Christchurch Earthquake Issues spokesperson Denis O’Rourke says the trust charged with caring for the building should be replaced under new legislation.

“The cathedral is an important part of Canterbury’s social fabric as well as being the region’s most important heritage building.

“It essentially belongs to everyone and as such any new legislation should include trustees from the wider community, not just from the Anglican Church.”

Mr O’Rourke says while the iconic nature of the cathedral means it should be fully- restored, that should not be carried out under an open cheque book policy.

“A full examination needs to be undertaken to see how the restoration can be undertaken at a reasonable cost.

“It should be remembered that the cathedral was originally built using significant sums of public money.

“Any funding plan could replicate this with funds potentially coming from Christchurch City Council, government heritage funds, public donations and sponsorships.

“These sorts of revenue streams would not only assist in reconstruction but are also another reason why a new Cathedral Trust must include trustees from across the community,” says Mr O’Rourke.

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