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Greeting Heritage Supporters,

Last September Historic Places Mid Canterbury had its inaugural AGM.  In my chairperson’s report I said it seemed a hard labour to give birth to this new group, thanked the committee for all their hard work and said I thought that as with any infant, we need to nurture these early days, and in time the group will no doubt get up on its feet and run.

And as I look back we have done some things well.  Last April we had that fantastic launch at Barrhill of which I know many of you attended.  We also had a photographic display in the Ashburton Library. Our stand on Boulevard Day attracted lots of attention and many people sympathetic to our cause stopped to chat and show their support.

In November I attended the AGM of Historic Places Aotearoa who we are part of. Heritage campaigner Anna Crighton is a strong chairperson to steer the group into the future and already they have their teeth into some pretty ‘meaty’ national issues, particularly the changes before us for NZ Historic Places Trust and how they may impact on heritage protection.

Historic Places Mid Canterbury committee members are wonderful scone makers. So to support the 150 years celebrations of the Hakatere Stone Cottage held up at Hakatere Corner, last November in cold and sleet conditions, we toughed it out to supply jammed and creamed scones to the 250 odd people who turned up on the day.  It was great fun, although a bit chilly at times. We were able to donate $100 of the profits to the Hakatere cause.

The next event we have planned is to sell jammed and creamed scones at Waitangi on East – maybe we will see you there!

Lastly, we have a very interesting Sunday Ramble coming up.  Sunday Historic Ramble - 24th February 2013  We plan to have more rambles though the year.

You do not need to be a member of our group to attend, but membership does support heritage issues, both nationally and locally.  We have about 20 memberships to date and seven committee members.  Membership can be completed on-line at


If you have received this newsletter by post but have email and would be happy to receive future newsletters by email, please let me know by
Email: midcanty@historicplacesaotearoa.org.nz

Julie Luxton

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