Christ Church Cathedral- Media Update (February 2017)

'Profound frustration' over Christ Church Cathedral delays Radio New Zealand reports.
(Article has audio link of Morning Report interview with Great Christchurch Buildings Trust co-chair Philip Burdon.)'profound-frustration'-over-christ-church-cathedral-delays
"The community was "led to believe" an agreement would be reached by the end of last year, or at least before the sixth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.

"We had understood the parties had been in agreement at the end of last year... and were very close to agreement now.
"It is terribly important that the parties do now achieve a settlement, whatever that may mean."


Editorial: Frustration on all sides in the cathedral debate- The Press (22.02.2017)

Anglican bishop worried over fundraising targets for Christ Church Cathedral restoration- (22.02.2017)

Government, church at odds over offer to restore Christ Church Cathedral -The Press Reports  (19.02.2017)



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