“Ceres’ action great news for city’s heritage” Letter To Editor [The Press]

Ross Gray generously has supplied us with the text of his  published "Letter to the Editor. [The Press: 28th December 2012]

Great news for our city’s heritage: Ceres magnanimously saves the Peterborough Centre, a welcome contrast to the recent unmitigated vandalism of Cranmer Courts.

As Cnr Johanson noted at the ‘’launch’’, the requisite time, professional advice and funding have come together for a successful outcome.  Ceres has, in fact, shown up the government for its lack of commitment to Christchurch heritage: in a $30b rebuild it can only match dollar for dollar public contributions up to $10m.

Would that in 2013, inspired by Ceres’ obvious respect for our heritage, the government might step up to the plate with much greater funding.

This, along with a re-think of the blueprint which is set to destroy the Majestic and former Millers buildings (both important landmarks of our 20th C city architectural heritage) would go some distance to redressing the shameful post-earthquakes destruction of our heritage to date.

Ross Gray

The Press, December 28, 2012

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