Canterbury Heritage Awards Alive And Well And Thriving

Canterbury Heritage Awards logo 2012Nominations only open for a week and already 50 nominations have been received.

Press Release follows:

Heritage alive and well in Canterbury

Within one week of the launch of the 2012 Canterbury Heritage Awards, organisers have received over 50 nominations for a diverse range of projects from buildings, facades and structures, through to cultural attractions, destinations, exhibitions and landscapes, as well as individual and group heritage advocates.

Christchurch Heritage Awards Charitable Trust Chair, Anna Crighton, is pleased with the response received to the 2012 Awards which were extended this year to cover Canterbury, a move to more closely align the Awards with the post-earthquake environment. The inaugural Christchurch Heritage Awards were held in 2010 with a break in 2011 due to the ongoing effects of the Christchurch and central Canterbury earthquakes.

“Public opinion varies when it comes to heritage buildings and places. It always has. We only need to read letters to The Press, comments on heritage and news articles to determine that heritage means different things to different people. It is encouraging to see that as a community we still see the importance of recognising and promoting the values of best practice heritage retention and conservation. This is reflected in the quality and quantity of nominations received to date for this year’s Awards” added Crighton.

The Canterbury Heritage Awards recognise the achievement of heritage conservation in six categories including:

Heritage Retention – building or façade retained post-earthquake.

Heritage Restoration – conservation/restoration of a structure including rehabilitation, adaptive re-use or continued maintenance.

Heritage Tourism – cultural tourist attraction.

Heritage Champion – recognising individuals, companies and organisations for their dedication/leadership towards heritage retention.

Heritage Landscape – preservation of the natural environment.

Seismic - recognition of commitment, investment or a unique solution to earthquake strengthening.

Organisations and/or individuals can nominate their own organisation for the Awards or those they believe recognise excellence in heritage retention and conservation, heritage tourism and heritage education within the public and private sector, and promote the values of best practice heritage retention and conservation to the wider community.

Award nominations close Monday 6 August 2012.

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Name:                                 Anna Crighton
Designation:                      Chair, Christchurch Heritage Awards Charitable Trust

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