“Bid to save 150-year-old Christchurch High Court dais by legal community” The Press Online Article

"Bid to save 150-year-old Christchurch High Court dais by legal community" The Press Online

"A leading barrister is driving an effort to save a piece of legal history.

Nigel Hampton, QC is gathering signatures for an online petition to ensure the historic Christchurch Court dais has a future in the legal system.

Architectural plans for the $300 million Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, led by the Ministry of Justice, do not allow for the "glorious" piece of legal history, currently in the High Court."


Nigel Hampton QC supported by Press Op-Ed:

"Opinion: Christchurch High Court's judges' bench deserves preservation" The Press Online

"OPINION: A hearty salute to Nigel Hampton QC for his determined advocacy on behalf of a highly significant item of legal art.

The distinguished Christchurch lawyer is mounting a campaign to save and reinstall the carved Christchurch High Court judges' bench from being relegated to whatever today's judicial description is for a storage cupboard. This is no mundane item of courtroom furniture. It is a taonga, a treasure with huge mana."

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